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New leak reveals the changed design of iPhone 8

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New leak reveals the changed design of iPhone 8
Apple is known for the innovations and we have seen that many time in the past, but for the last couple of years’ design is one part where the company seems struggling. It has been quite some time (iPhone 6 and onwards) we have not seen much change in the design of iPhone.

But if the recent reports are believed, iPhone 8 will have the refined and totally new design. If rumors are to be believed, Apple is and doing away with aluminum and working on a stainless-steel body for the upcoming iPhone 8. The rumored iPhone 8 is expected to come in an all-glass rear and front and have a steel frame center.

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According to CNET, the rumored Apple iPhone 8 could have an all-glass front and back surrounding a steel frame center. The handset is reportedly being manufactured by Foxconn and Jabil who are building the phone's body with two reinforced glass panes. The glasses will be held together by the stainless-steel frame.

"The next-generation iPhone is expected to abandon its conventional aluminum back cover design and will adopt a new design using two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle. The metal bezel will be made of stainless steel using a forging process to enhance its sturdiness and reduce costs and manufacturing time," states a DigiTimes report.

For the manufacture of the next-gen iPhone, Apple iPhone 8, Apple has also added Wistron as a new assembler. The others are Foxconn and Pegatron Technology. Using a steel frame may cost Apple 30 to 50 percent less compared to the single-piece aluminum in iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. The iPhone 8's side bezels will also be made of steel. The Apple device is also said to be supporting wireless charging and al all-glass build will help in transmitting signal better.

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The Apple iPhone 8 Home button may be incorporated into the display. If at all Apple is returning to a stainless-steel frame, it would be like the iPhone 4 that was also sourced from Jabil and Foxconn. Stay tuned on Mobile & Apps for more updates on the next-generation Apple device, iPhone 8.

If all these rumors are to be believed, Apple will use steel (if at all) for the iPhone 8 for the first time since Apple iPhone 4S.

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