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We have some bad news for iPhone users

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We have some bad news for iPhone users
Apple has ruled out a free replacement scheme for iPhone 6 smartphones suffering from bad battery life.

Last year, the Cupertino company admitted there was a problem with some iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus units, which caused the devices to switch off when the battery level reached 40 per cent.

Apple has rolled out a serial number checking tool that allows iPhone owners to check whether their device is affected by the problem.

It also posted a statement on its Chinese website, providing additional information on the problem.

Apple claimed, "Outside the affected batch, a small number of customers reported an unexpected shutdown.

"Some of these shutdowns may be normal because the iPhone will shut down to protect its electronic components. To gather more information, we will add an additional diagnostic feature to the iOS software update that is released next week.

"This feature collects a variety of information in the coming weeks that may help us improve algorithms for managing battery performance and shut down operations.

"If such improvements can be achieved, we will deliver them through further software updates."

Sources speaking to Macotakara this week claimed the technology company was preparing to extend the free replacement program to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices, too.

However, AppleInsider says the rumor is false.

The technology blog approached Apple to find out whether an increasing number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners had complained about battery life issues.

A spokesperson for Apple said: "We constantly evaluate service statistics.

"There are no plans or grounds for a wide iPhone 6 battery exchange program at this time."

Those who have experienced any issue with battery life on an Apple iPhone should visit an Apple Retail Store, Apple Authorised Service Provider, or talk to a Genius online.

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