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5 iPhone tips to make you master of your device

5 iPhone tips to make you master of your device
iPhone is the best device available in the market from the Apple and is loaded with different features. To make maximum out of your great device tips and tricks are quite handy.

Today in this article we have brought 5 tips which will help you become the master of your new iPhone 7.

Customize the Home button

The Home button on the iPhone 7 has been given an overhaul, making it more responsive than ever before. A new tactic engine gives you feedback vibrations to make using the iPhone 7 even easier, and it's now more sensitive to how much force you use to press the Home button. Rather than the Home button clicking when you press it, like a physical button, the new Home button of the iPhone 7 subtly vibrates at your touch.

Best of all you can customize the Home button so that it works exactly the way you want it to.

Take even better photos with the new iPhone 7 camera

iPhones have always been celebrated for their cameras, and the iPhone 7 is no exception, with a revolutionized snapper that comes packed with the new handset.

This includes a brand new 12MP sensor for the rear-facing camera which comes with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) for both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. A wide aperture lens brings in 50% more light, and it's 60% faster, so taking amazing photos in low light conditions will be easier than ever.

The flash has also been boosted. It's two tones and comes with four LEDs, which means it's 50% brighter and has 50% more reach.

If you're annoyed by the horrible flickering effect when taking photos or videos with artificial light, then you'll be pleased to know that the iPhone 7 also comes with a flicker sensor for compensating against that effect.

The camera also uses machine learning for auto exposure, setting autofocus, choosing the white balance, and more. Combined with tone mapping, noise reduction and the ability to stitch together multiple shots to create the ultimate take, it's never been easier to take amazing photographs thanks to the iPhone 7.

Lock screen limits

Your iPhone can show a lot of information on the lock screen, which is convenient for quickly glancing at reminders, messages and more. Should you want to restrict what information can be accessed from your iPhone without your passcode, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and disable whichever items you don't want showing up on your lock screen.

Make sure your iPhone 7 doesn't get damaged by water

Turning on a smartphone that has been dropped in water is a sure-fire way of ensuring that the phone never works again. To help prevent this, the iPhone 7 has a feature that warns you if you moisture is detected in the handset.

If you see the warning, disconnect anything plugged into the Lightning port and keep the iPhone 7 turned off until it is completely dry.

The iPhone 7 also comes with waterproof technology, so even if you do drop the iPhone into water, it doesn't mean your iPhone 7 is dead.

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Take better selfies

It's not just the rear-facing camera that gets an overhaul with the iPhone 7, the front-facing FaceTime camera has been boosted from 5MP to 7MP, allowing you to take even better selfies than ever before, as well as drastically improve the quality of your FaceTime video chats.

The FaceTime camera also comes with image stabilization and again can take advantage of wide color capture for more natural and realistic colors in your photos.

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