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8 iPhone & iPad features that will be added with iOS 11

iOS 11
8 iPhone & iPad features that will be added with iOS 11

As we all are aware every year Apple launches the new Operating system for its Mobile devices, Continuing the legacy this year as well Apple is expected to launch its next major iOS update at its World-Wide Developers Conference event, which will be held in San Jose in June.

As the report suggests, iOS 11 is expected to be a major step up from previous iterations of the operating system since it will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and therefore, is expected to bring software updates at par with the new hardware such as iPhone 8.

Today in this article we have brought a list of the great features which is expected to come to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.

Depth-sensing camera and Kinect-like functionality

The iPhone 8 is expected to be an augmented reality intensive device. The device is expected to come with a 3D-sensing front camera that will have a depth sensing functionality for games and facial recognition, similar to Microsoft’s Xbox 360’s Kinect functionality. iOS 11 is also expected to have enhanced gaming software that utilizes the camera, CPU, and GPU in order to support this feature.

No 32-Bit support

iOS 11 could end support for 32-bit iPhones as it is expected to stop the support for 32-bit applications. Simply put, with iOS 11, Apple might stop software support for iPhone 5 and lower variants.

Improved Maps

Apple is planning to use drones and indoor navigation software to improve its Maps functionality and catch up with Google Maps, Bloomberg Technology reported in December.  The new feature could include views of buildings and improvements to car navigation and is expected to be included in iOS 11.

Video Sharing App

iOS 11 could introduce a Snapchat-like video sharing app, according to a Bloomberg report from August last year. The feature would be part of Apple’s endeavor to integrate social networking applications within iOS, in response to the success of similar features on social networking apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Enhanced 3D Touch

Apple introduced its 3D Touch feature in the iPhone 7. The feature makes use of the device’s pressure-sensitive display to respond to user inputs. In iPhone 8, the technology is expected to be employed throughout the body of the device, replacing physical buttons with pressure-sensitive ones embedded inside rather than protruding on the outside of the device. iOS 11 is expected to have improved software to accommodate this functionality and even extend the functionality to apps.

Group FaceTime Calls

FaceTime has, of course, become successful in its lifespan, but it has yet to truly rival Skype. Perhaps one of the reasons for this has been a lack of group video chat in any previous versions, but rumors now suggest that Apple will indeed include this function in iOS 11.

These murmurings have come out of Israel, with sources familiar with the iOS development process citing the fact that Apple is working on including this in the operating system right now.


iOS 11 will also introduce new integrated social features into the Contacts application. Central to this will be enabling users to view text messages, emails and social media interactions with contacts within a single window.

Drone and Indoor Mapping Data

The technology landscape is becoming increasingly varied and complex, and part of this diverse picture is the introduction of drones and navigation technology. Apple has been assessing this developing technology carefully and is now ready to utilize its own drones to improve the Maps app.

According to reports, Apple plans to fly drones in order to monitor changes in roads and to determine construction zones. Data will be continually updated in the navigation app by the team working on Apple Maps. Although Apple still has some catching up to do with Google in this area, it seems committed to delivering the best software possible, and this process will continue to develop with iOS 11.

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