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9 expected features that going to come to your iPhone & iPad with iOS 11

iOS 11, iOS 11 features
9 expected features that going to come to your iPhone & iPad with iOS 11
This year (2017) iPhone has completed the 10 years of launch and people has lots of expectation from the 10th anniversary iPhone, which can be named as iPhone 8. While all the rumors about the Apple are surrounded around the new iPhone 8, not much has been talked about the new iOS version from the company, which will be iOS 11.

The next version of Apple's mobile operating system is likely to be introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June and could include several improvements including an indoor mapping feature, a dark mode for use at night and enhancements to the Siri virtual assistant. There’s even talk that Apple has warmed up to Android enough to allow users to send text, photos and video messages to Android devices via iMessage.

As of now there is no official comment about the iOS 11 has been made from the Apple but we have brought 9 expected features from the Apple new Mobile operating system.

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FaceTime Conferencing Calling Support

FaceTime historically has been a solution for two people to communicate from their iOS or MacOS devices. But that could change in iOS 11 when Apple offers group- and conference-calling support in the tool. That means much more people would be able to participate in a single call, and FaceTime finally could find a way to appeal to corporate users.

A New Video-Sharing App

When Apple launched iOS 7 in 2013, the Photos app supported the ability to add Instagram-like filters. You can also edit photos by cropping, rotating and adjusting the colors in the Photos app. Unfortunately, you cannot edit videos from directly within the Photos app yet. But last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was planning to launch a video-sharing application in the next version of iOS.

Apple’s video-sharing application is reportedly going to have an emphasis on social networking with features that are similar to Snapchat and Instagram. The video application features that Apple is developing will include filters and the ability to add drawings. And then those videos can be shared with contacts and on other social networks. There is a chance that Apple may release the video sharing service as a standalone app in the App Store.

The team behind iMovie and Final Cut Pro are believed to be involved in building the new video-sharing app. And Bloomberg pointed out that Apple hired Joe Weil in December 2015, who has known for co-creating a video-blogging app called KnowMe.

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Will Apple Provide iMessage Support for Android?

Arguably the biggest iOS 11 rumor is that Apple is planning to offer iMessage on Android. The feature would mean Android owners could download iMessage for free and communicate with their iPhone, iPad and Mac counterparts without sending their messages through a wireless carrier. Apple’s iMessage likely would be offered in the Google Play marketplace.

Big Improvements to Siri Are Predicted

Apple’s Siri gets updates every year, so it shouldn’t surprise folks if that happens again in 2017. Look for Siri to get smarter and more capable of hearing and responding to requests. Apple has a big fight on its hands against Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana, and improving Siri is rumored to be among its priorities for iOS 11.

New Contacts Features

Apple might also integrate some social features in the Contacts app. Currently, when you tap on the information icon within the Messages app, you can see the location, photos, and attachments. Apple might add options to see the text messages, emails and social media interactions you had with your Contacts in a single window.

Apple has a patent that describes the ability to determine if a friend is available based on a mobile phone status, which might be applied to this feature. Google Hangouts and Facebook indicate whether a friend is available to chat by placing a green dot next to their names. Perhaps Apple will implement the contact availability in a similar manner. To protect the privacy of users, there will likely be an option to opt out of this feature.

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Look for Multiuser Support

Apple already offers multiuser support in iPads that run custom software developed for the education market, but the company hasn’t yet brought the feature to the masses. But this is expected to happen with iOS 11. The feature would mean users could log into their own accounts on an iOS-based device and access their apps and settings. It also could offer a guest mode for unauthorized users to quickly perform a couple tasks on a device.

Improved video streaming feature

Apple already has invested in original video content and is said to be considering other big media acquisitions. Therefore, several rumors have surfaced that Apple could offer a dedicated video-streaming app to accommodate its programming. Look for it to be available alongside Apple Music.

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Control Center Customization

Previously, it was expected that Apple would add the ability to customize the Control Center in iOS 10. Unfortunately, that feature was not added in September 2016. Hopefully, Apple will add Control Center customization in iOS 11.

Apple Will Stick to its Usual iOS Release Schedule

Apple has kept a familiar release schedule over the years, and that likely won’t change in 2017. Apple reportedly plans to announce the iOS 11 update the Worldwide Developers Conference in June and make a developer preview available soon after. The final iOS 11 is expected to be released days ahead of the next iPhone, which is projected to reach store shelves in September.

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