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Apple has hidden the most interesting feature of iOS 10.3

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Apple has hidden the most interesting feature of iOS 10.3
Apple Products hits the headline when they are launched or in the process of launch, same goes with iOS 10.3 it is in the headlines ever since it rolled out.

Another fact of the matter is Apple has a surprise for their users and now, one user has discovered out a hidden feature in the iOS 10.3 update, which was literally hiding in the background.

We are saying it hidden as Apple has never talk about the feature and many of us is unaware about the feature and company has not yet provided any good reason why the feature has been hidden!

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A floating keyboard – yes, you heard it correct, this is the new feature in the latest update which Apple doesn't want everyone to know yet. It is suspected that Apple will reveal it at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith is the one who uncovered a new one-handed floating keyboard for iPad inside iOS 10.3. Smith reported that the new feature of the keyboard is supported in all Apple iPads that are 9.7-inches in size or smaller, meaning the largest 12.9-inch model is left out. Smith also explains that the floating keyboard works just like a picture-in-picture does for video. The keyboard of the iPads can be moved wherever around on-screen and is basically the size of the keyboard you'd get on the iPhone.

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According to 9to5Mac, the developers are still uncovering the existence of the keyboard. This feature will be very helpful for those who get irritated by constantly having to change the size of the keyboard in order to see the contents. It could even prove very handy when changing input between two simultaneously running apps on the iPad. Add to all these benefits, this new feature is complimented with a Trackpad Mode.

According to TechTimes, another keyboard feature was identified as the Gestural keyboard. It has the ability to backspace or input a single space by swiping left or right on the keyboard and even not on the space bar. Stroughtonsmith claimed this news on Twitter.

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