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Apple is all set to make iPhone Cheaper?

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Apple is all set to make iPhone Cheaper?
It's official. Apple will soon have `Made in India' iPhones, and they will come out of a factory in Bengaluru. The Karnataka government on Thursday issued a release welcoming Apple's proposal "to commence initial manufacturing operations" in the state.

The release, signed by state IT minister Priyank Kharge, said Apple's intentions to manufacture in Bengaluru "will foster cutting edge technology ecosystem and supply chain development in the state, which is critical for India to compete globally." Though it did not provide a timeline, production is expected to begin in June.

iPhone assembly in the country. The government of the Indian state of Karnataka said on Thursday it welcomed a proposal from Apple to begin initial manufacturing operations in the state, in a sign the tech company is slowly moving forward with plans to assemble iPhones in the country. The Karnataka Government issued a press release notifying of the same. However, Apple has still not commented on the issue.

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The press release reads as: “Apple’s representatives led by Ms. Priya Balasubramaniam, VP iPhone operations, Mr. Ali Khanafer (Head, Government Affairs), Mr.Dheeraj Chugh (Director, iPhone operations) and Mr. Priyesh Povanna (Country Counsel) met with Ministers and officials of Government of Karnataka and had positive discussions about the initiatives in manufacturing and possible collaborations with state Government in other areas.”

Currently, the assembling of these devices is done mainly by Foxconn Tech Group in China. However, other big rivals like Samsung and even China’s Xiaomi have been assembling in India for some time.
This move will give a big boost in the sales of its devices, especially iPhones which still have not made much of a mark in a big smartphone market like India. The company had also in January reportedly sought permission from the government to open its stores.

These all things will help Apple to sell the iPhone in the cheaper rate in India, where people wants to buy the device, but restrict themselves because of the price. On other hand this move will help Apple to give more competition to the Chinese vendors and companies like Samsung on the price front, to gain more market share.

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