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Five new feature that you will get with iOS 10.3

 iOS 10.3
Five new feature that you will get with iOS 10.3
Over the time while using our iPhone and iPad, we become bored and refreshment is added by the software update Apple provides. Recently Apple has released the new beta version of iOS 10.3 and it is full of amazing features, which will be added to your device after installing it.

The update brings with it a raft of changes, including our first chance to try out the new Apple File System, APFS.

There’s plenty changed in this first beta alone, and we expect more to be added during the beta process. It’s also possible that some of these changes will be gone before the final release too, but for now, here is a rundown of what you will be treated to should you install iOS 10.3 beta 1 on your iPhone or iPad.

Find My AirPods

Now we know why an app that allowed users to locate their AirPods was removed from the App Store. With this feature added to the Find My iPhone app in iOS 10.3, you need never worry about losing one of your earphones again.

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Other SiriKit Enhancements

A host of changes have come to SiriKit, enhancing its ability to allow users to pay bills, schedule rides with apps like Uber and Lyft, check the status of payments, and much more.

Reduce Motion in Safari

Struggle with the motion effects when browsing the web? iOS 10.3 brings support for Reduce Motion preference in the Safari web browser.

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HomeKit Enhancements

Apple’s HomeKit is finally starting to gather pace, and with enhancements that are part of this beta, it now supports programmable switch accessories.

New File System

Apple’s new file system, dubbed the APFS, was announced during WWDC last year. The latest file system will better the support for solid-state storage and encryption. APFS will be replacing the HFS+ file system that has been currently in use since 1998.

Apart from the aforesaid features, iOS 10.3 will also bring other noticeable changes like Podcast widgets, enhanced CarPlay interface and redesigned transition animations.

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iCloud Storage

The iCloud settings page now has a profile button that lets you track down the usage of your iCloud storage. Device and program-specific details of the storage consumption can be viewed by tapping the new graph icon at the top of this profile. There should also be a suggestion option in the main settings page to improve the device’s performance, including tipping you with how to activate two-factor authentication for your iCloud.

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