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Great features that are coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.3

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Great features that are coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.3

As we all are aware about the Apple new iOS version which has been released recently, but it is currently available for the developer.

New version of iOS is full of new features and improvement, today in this article we are bringing you some of the great features, which will help you get maximum out of your iPhone and iPad.

Find My AirPods: This is definitely the most talked-about new feature in iOS 10.1. A new option in the Find My iPhone app tracks the last known location of each AirPod so that in the event one is lost, the app can show you its last known location on a map. Since individual AirPods are theoretically forgotten somewhere as opposed to stolen, this feature should help people locate missing AirPods more often than not.

Of note, AirPods are not equipped with GPS, so the app can only store the last location where an AirPod connected to your iOS device.

Apple ID Profile: There is now a new profile section of the Settings app available at the very top of the screen, giving users access to a single page that gives quick access to the iPhone owner’s contact info, security settings, payment information, iCloud, App Store settings Family Sharing settings and more. This page also displays all Apple devices where a user is signed in.

Floating iPad keyboard: This feature isn’t available to testers yet, but there’s a hidden setting in iOS 10.3 discovered by developer Steve Troughton-Smith that pops the iPad’s keyboard off of the bottom of the screen and replaces it with a one-handed keyboard that can be dragged around and placed anywhere.

App Animations: Apple made a subtle change to transition animations that many people likely won’t even notice. As apps open and close in iOS 10.3, they now have more rounded edges.

iCloud Storage: A new section at the top of the iCloud settings page gives people a graphical breakdown of how their iCloud storage is being used.

Weather in Maps: In the Maps app, users can now 3D Touch the weather icon to see a local forecast for the area.

New File System: Installing iOS 10.3 automatically updates an iPhone or iPad so that it uses Apple File System (APFS) instead of HFS+. APFS is better optimized for NAND flash storage and it also supports stronger encryption.

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