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Honest review of OnePlus 3T after 2 Months of usage

OnePlus 3T
Honest review of OnePlus 3T after 2 Months of usage
OnePlus 3T is one of the best devices in the market, as said by the expert and claimed by the company. This is true that the specifications of One plus 3T are one of the best available in the market. Some of the key specification also includes that the device carries is 6GB of RAM, which is well combined with 64 GB and 128 GB storage variant. On camera front device is powered with 16 MP primary and secondary cameras. All this makes device one of the best options available in the market.

Going by the reviews and word of mouth I had bought the phone and I am using it for last two months, the phone is great and is worth value for money, but is not out of the world which is being predicted in every review.

I have listed down my experience with the device key features and the review is totally dependent on my own experience and usage.

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Battery of OnePlus 3T

One of the major concerns while buying the Smartphone is the battery. In my experience, with OnePlus 3 T you can be assured of getting the battery life of the whole day, with the usage of around 50 calls with the average time of 3-5 Min, full day Mobile data on and frequent mail and social media updates.

If you see the overall performance of the battery life it is quite good and the phone doesn’t consume much battery in sleep mode even if the Mobile data is on. The Best part of the phone is its charging; with Dash Charging, you are sure to get the juice in your phone at the fastest speed.

Overall experience about the battery & charging is good and it caters well to people who are concern about the battery life of their Smartphone. 

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Performance of OnePlus 3T

The performance of the device is good but it could have been better. The most responsive thing in the device is fingerprint reader; it works ultrafast and is very responsive as per my experience. Sometimes I had faced lag with the device while opening the app or scrolling the webpage or on social-media app. This issue can be specific to my device.

In my experience as I stated above, with the RAM of 6GB the device was expected to be more responsive than what I felt it is. Overall experience on the performance ground is good and if we don’t consider the few instances, the device is quite responsive and helps you to do the multi-tasking quite easily.

Camera of OnePlus 3T

One of the biggest USP for the device is its Camera, I feel front camera has a slighter edge while compared to the back camera of the device. The device is capable of clicking the exceptionally good photos and in my opinion, you can rely on its camera on your next trip or outing.

The front camera clicks awesome snaps even in the low light and has no issue of pixelation. Colure produced in the image is natural and can give the tough competition to the digital camera photo.

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Software of OnePlus 3T

With Oxygen OS device gives great experience and is cable of customization which gives users the power to customize the device according to them. UI is great and can be used by bingers as well. So, on software part, OnePlus 3T deserves 100%.    

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