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iOS 11 is all set to bring much awaited feature for iPhone

iOS 11
iOS 11 is all set to bring much awaited feature for iPhone
Apple has enhanced its iOS accessibility features for users and recent rumors suggest that Apple is soon coming up with iOS 11 with special features including group call on Facetime. Apple users are delighted and this is sure to be warmly welcomed by FaceTime lovers, as it was a much-requested app update and fans have been waiting for long. The majority of apps already support group video call and now Apple is likely to walk the same path and gives access to their users in FaceTime.

Israel technology blog claims that Apple is planning to include the highly-requested feature in FaceTime with iOS 11, to be released later in 2017. There are many other videos calling apps such as Skype and Google Hangout which gives access to group video calling. Also, diving into the path, search giant Google launched its latest video calling app Duo. The app only supports one on one calling, similar to Facetime currently.

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Apple’s recent iOS 10 rolled out with major changes to Messages, Siri, Photos, Maps, and the Music app. Apple updated their iOS approximately a year back in its 10th batch and offered iMessage app. iMessage app comes bundled with interesting features such as stickers, emoticons and third-party app integration and iMessage app store as well. The iMessage App Store is very similar to Apple’s main App Store with different categories of apps.

Currently, on iOS 10, Facetime is supported between two users facilitating one on one calling between two iOS devices. However, after updating to iOS 11 users can easily do a group video call on Facetime. The technology blog also claims that Apple is going to update Messages on iOS in order to enable a Facetime call to include up to 5 participants at a time. An Apple tipster, earlier this month tipped off Apple to roll out iOS 10.3 with rumored Theater Mode, later in January. The rumored Theatre Mode is speculated to be a phone profile mode when switched to, the device would calibrate settings while watching a movie in the theatre. These settings might turn down the screen brightness and warmness.

It is being predicted that Apple will reveal its iOS 11 and all other major updates at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 (WWDC), which is scheduled to be held in early June. Apple is known to launch an iPhone variant every year but, reportedly this time they are directly coming up with iPhone 8, breaking tradition and skipping iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. iPhone 8 is expected to come up with iOS 11. Some rumors also suggest that the iPhone 8 will be called iPhone X officially in honor of Apple’s 10th anniversary (X is the Roman numeral for 10).

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