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iPhone 8 Concept, which will push you to bite your nails!

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Concept, which will push you to bite your nails!
If you’re dying to find out how the iPhone 8 will look and which features Apple will include, you’ll have to wait another seven months.

Apple is frustratingly good at keeping most of their secrets close to its big, fruity chest. So the official announcement every September usually comes with one or two surprises.

But I really, really hope it looks like something like this.

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The design of Apple’s new wallet-drainer has been imagined by Brazilian graphic designer Thadeu Brandao and is based on rumors about how the new phone will look.

His version is sleek. It’s sexy. It’s everything your phone should be.

A key feature of the reimagining is a massive screen with a clearer display — and that is in line with gossip about the device.

iPhone 8 features and specs

Other rumored features of the upcoming iPhone include wireless charging and a laser sensor for facial recognition. Apple has been working with Energous to bring long-distance wireless charging to the iPhones. However, Copperfield Research recently said that the iPhone 8 would have Apple’s in-house inductive wireless charging rather than Energous’ long-distance charging technology.

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Last week, supply chain sources told DigiTimes that Apple’s voice assistant Siri would receive a major overhaul this year. The Cupertino company will use technology from the machine learning startup Turi to enhance Siri’s capabilities. Apple acquired Turi in August last year. Siri faces tough competition from Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Samsung’s upcoming Bixby. The iPhone 8 is also said to have IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating.

iPhone 8 to cost more than its predecessor

Cowen & Company analyst Tim Arcuri said a few days ago that the iPhone 8 could be more expensive than the iPhone 7. Arcuri said strong sales of the iPhone 7 Plus with dual-camera setup prove that buyers are willing to pay more for cool features. A radical new design and exciting features would bump up the price of the upcoming iPhone. The analyst also pointed out that OLED displays are more expensive than LCD panels.

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The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are expected to be unveiled in September. Some analysts believe that the 10th anniversary iPhone could be called iPhone X rather than iPhone 8.

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