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iPhone 8 got defeated by Samsung Galaxy S8 with this special feature

iPhone 8 got defeated by Samsung Galaxy S8 with this special feature 
We all are aware of the competition Samsung and Apple are into and this is going to be taken to the different level when the 10th Anniversary edition of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S8 will compete with each other. For Samsung S8 is big as the company has faced huge battery issue with Note 7 questioning the credibility of the flagship phone from Samsung.

Initial impression says iPhone 8 might get defeated with Samsung Galaxy S8 as the company has some secret plans for the device, and are ready to enable the device with this special feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly have an iris scanner. Speculations are also doing the rounds that the iPhone 8 smartphone will be equipped with the functionality, but whether the Cupertino-based company will save the functionality for a different model remains to be seen.

Speculations are doing the rounds that the tech giant Samsung will incorporate a new feature in 2017 flagship devices called the 'Desktop Mode' that will be identical to Continuum from the Redmond-based Microsoft.

The feature will let customers connect their Galaxy S8 smartphone to a computer monitor and peripherals to enjoy a smooth desktop computing experience. The feature may give the Samsung device an edge over the Apple device.

According to many reports, it is expected that the South Korean company will deploy a new feature for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that the Apple iPhone 8 may not have - the Beast Mode.

The feature could put the Samsung device on a higher gear, offering the customers with maximum computing power.

Rumor has it that the Samsung device will offer microSD support that could let customers expand the memory of the Galaxy S8 to 2 TB.

Traditionally, the Cupertino-based company has desisted from providing expandable memory support and it seems unlikely that things would change with the arrival of the iPhone 8. While the iPhone 8, like the iPhone 7, may come in a 256 GB option, the base version of the Galaxy S8 may also supersede on storage support count.

The base version of the Galaxy S7 was 32 GB and even if the Galaxy S8 sticks to this option, the additional 2 TB support clearly gives it an edge.

It is expected that the Galaxy S8 smartphone will sport a 3.5mm jack that will make sure that people have smooth and easy access to music.

Apple skips the headphone jack for the iPhone 7 and may stick to the same convention for The Cupertino-based Apple will reportedly skip the headphone jack for the iPhone 8. People who use the iPhone 7 smartphone need to buy the wireless AirPods that is an extra expense.

Rumors are doing the rounds that the tech company is working on a slew of features such as gesture recognition, wireless charging and facial recognition.

So, what you guys think about the competition these two company is going to have with their new flagship phones. Do let us know your views and opinion in the comment section below.

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