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Is iPhone 3G Coming back?

 iPhone 3G, iPhone
Is iPhone 3G Coming back?
As per the report published by iGyaan, HTC is working on the low-end smartphone which looks alike iPhone 3G. As per the report and picture published by the website, front design of the device is scarily identical to the iPhone 3G.

The interesting part of the device is that it don’t have any key on the front, which is unusual in the HTC design. Basically, if you see the design of HTC other devices, they like putting a physical home button or a fingerprint sensor on the front of their devices. As per the image published by the website, power button and volume rockers keys can be spotted to the right of the handset.

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iPhone 3G, HTC
image: iGyaan

As per the website report, the un-named HTC phone has low-end specs with just 2GB RAM and 16GB storage alongside a MT6735 chipset and a 3000 mAh battery. However, the cameras include a 16 MP main camera and a 7 MP front-facing camera. While it’s difficult to ascertain whether this is just a test device or a development device if you look closely at the bottom left of the image you can see a case which is very identical to HTC design for their Desire series of their phones.

On the further update website updated that device Model number is a37dj dual and it is running on Android 6.0 with the January 5, 2017, security patch.
The price of the phone is expected to be below Rs. 10,000/ US $ 150, because of its specification.

Will update the post as soon as we have some more information on the device.

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