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Latest patent reveals the massive feature of iPhone 8

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Latest patent reveals the massive feature of iPhone 8

What if I say that Apple iPhone 8 could go edge-to-edge, packing more screen real estate into a similarly-sized package? Exciting isn't it? but as we all know every good thing comes with some compromise and this time the compromise is the "home button."

As per the recent reports, the iPhone 8's front would indeed be covered by a 5.8-inch OLED screen, but somehow also be as compact as the iPhone 7. The actual display area, though, minus the function area, would be closer to 5.15 inches.  

If we go little bit back in the time, this step will be a part of the the patent, purchased by Apple as part of its acquisition of a display company called LuxVue in 2014, details a system of using LEDs mounted underneath a display to both detect finger’s position and scan its surface to be able to read a fingerprint.

At present, the technology for fingerprint requires users to touch the ring to proceed. The timing of the patent, however, shouldn’t be seen as a mere coincidence. There have been reports in the past which claim Apple would remove the home button from next iPhone.

The iPhone 8 or “iPhone X” will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. The smartphone is said to come with major design changes, tiny bezels, and even a curved OLED display.

onscree fringerprint scanner

Talking about the patent Apple states: “The ability to detect an object’s surface profile while the display panel is not emitting visible light enables the display panel to detect a user’s fingerprint to unlock a mobile device such as a cellphone when the display panel appears to be off.

“Accordingly, the display panel need not emit visible light to detect a surface profile of an object, nor does the display panel require a separate sensor to detect the surface profile of an object.”

As per the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says that the next iPhone will ditch the home button entirely, in favor of 'virtual buttons,' MacRumors reports.

Kuo expects this year's iPhone, which might be called either the iPhone X or the iPhone 8, to sport a 5.8-inch screen.

But only 5.16 inches of that screen will be directly usable, with the lower portion of the screen dedicated to a "function area" with buttons that could change usage depending on the active app. Previous reports had held that the Home button would be built straight into the screen.

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