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Massive leak reveals one of the biggest features of iPhone 8

Massive leak reveals one of the biggest features of iPhone 8

We all are aware of fact that Apple new iPhone will be a game changer and will be one of the biggest launches of 2017. The bigger is the launch; attract more of the rumors and leaks. We have some new leak about the Apple new flagship device iPhone 8.

The Most trusted source of Apple leaks “Ming-Chi Kuo” is at it again and the famed analyst has delivered the most exciting news yet about Apple radically reinvented iPhone 8 or iPhone X whatever you call it.

In a new note to investors obtained by 9to5Mac, Kuo makes major claims regarding the iPhone 8’s design, display size, usable screen area, core navigation and new security technologies. Let's break them down.

The headline news is Kuo says Apple will remove the home button completely and replace it on the iPhone 8 with a ‘function area’ similar to the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro line. The function area will be contextual, adapting to whatever users need depending on what they are doing.

Interestingly Kuo says the end result is the iPhone 8 will be almost bezel-less with a mammoth 5.8-inch display squeezed into a chassis no larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. Exclude the function area, however, and the actual usable size of the display will be 5.15-inches - which is roughly in line with upcoming rivals like the Galaxy S8 (also tipped for a 5.8-inch display and onscreen controls).

Kuo says the side effect of this major design overhaul is Touch ID has also reached the end of the line. It was thought Touch ID would be built into the display itself, but Kuo believes it will instead be replaced by “new biometric technologies” of which facial recognition and/or iris scanning must be the hot contenders.

What we Think about this leak?

Considering the credibility of Kuo and different other leaks we have about the device push us to believe the report. As we all are aware that Apple is going to bring the drastic change in the 2017 iPhone models.

Moving to a curved 5.8-inch OLED display, an "all glass" chassis, quick charging, wireless charging and now ending both Touch ID and the home button in a single generation feels very un-Apple. But does also come with the caveat that it will be the most expensive iPhone ever made.

This news is also well supported by the Apple patent accusation in 2014. Talking about the patent Apple recently states: “The ability to detect an object’s surface profile while the display panel is not emitting visible light enables the display panel to detect a user’s fingerprint to unlock a mobile device such as a cellphone when the display panel appears to be off.

“Accordingly, the display panel need not emit visible light to detect a surface profile of an object, nor does the display panel require a separate sensor to detect the surface profile of an object.”

These all indicates that Kuo may be believed and we can expect removal of the home key from the iPhone in 2017 version or iPhone 8.

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