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5 awesome hidden features of iPhone

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5 awesome hidden features of iPhone 
Even if you are not a big Apple product fan, you will agree with the fact that Apple's iPhone is one of the most popular gadgets in the world. With every passing years’ devices, has increased the bars of technology in the mobile industry. This device turned 10 earlier this year and Apple is expected to reveal a radically new smartphone in the Autumn to celebrate this special anniversary.

As per the many leaks and report the iPhone 8 could include plenty of new features such as a curved display, wireless charging, and longer lasting battery. With this new smartphone expected to be unveiled in September, there's still a few months to go until fans get their hands on these new features.

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However, there is a big feature that's hidden on all current Apple devices that users have probably never seen before. In this article, we have brought five such features that are hidden inside your iPhone and after knowing them you can say wow!


Hopefully, you'll never need to use this, but entering your details in the Health app could really help if you have an accident.

Go to the Health app and tap Medical ID at the bottom right of the screen.

Then fill in as much detail as you want including health issues and contact names.

If someone finds you and your phone they can access these details by swiping right on the lock screen and tapping emergency.

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Faster Messaging

If you want to bash out messages even faster this is a handy tip.

When adding a symbol or number to a text, simply press and hold the number key.

Then, still pressing the screen, move your finger to the desired character.

Release your finger and the keyboard will automatically return to letters – so you can keep on typing.

Super-Fast Charging

Here's a tip to get the juice following into your iPhone a little quicker.

Swipe up on your home screen to reveal the control center and tap on the airplane icon.

This will put your phone in Airplane Mode – it will also mean your phone charges to full around 5 minutes faster.

Just make sure you remember to exit Airplane Mode when you're fully powered up.

Instant Spirit Level

Want to know if that shelf you've just screwed to a wall is level?

Forget to clog up your home screen with another annoying app – just head to Apple's compass app and, once launched, swipe left to reveal the ultimate digital spirt level.
Go to sleep with music

Here's a neat trick if you like to be sent to sleep with sounds.

Simply go to the Clock app and press timer.

Next, tap the "When Timer Ends" button and select Stop Playing.

Then set the timer for the desired time and start your tunes – when the clock hits zero the music will stop.

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