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7 Cool things that you can do on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

7 Cool things that you can do on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 10
iPhone & iPad are one of the best device in their category and give penalty of option to its users to make their day to day life more productive. All the features of iPhone and iPad has been enhanced by iOS 10, as it gives many new options and enhanced version of existing features.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the 7 cool things on your iPhone and iPad running the iOS 10.

Apps in Messages

If you’ve downloaded iOS 10, you’ve probably noticed that messages look a little different. But the changes to Messages are far more than skin deep. There’s now an App Store for messages that is just to the left of the text bar. Apps let you do things like look up movie times and buy tickets on Fandango or find and book a reservation on Open Table within the app. It can also make coordinating plans very easy.

Siri’s new tricks

Siri has gotten much smarter in iOS 10, but many people probably won’t think to ask her to show off anything new. But Siri now works with more apps, meaning that you can ask her to use Venmo to send your friend $20 for dinner or to use WhatsApp to send a message on that network.

You can also ask Siri to conduct more sophisticated searches on your phone — find emails from my boss from Tuesday, for example — as well as for photos featuring certain objects or people. Which reminds me ...

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Smarter searches

You, too, can use Apple’s object recognition technology to make it easier to find exactly the photo that you want to find. Just ask Siri to find pictures of the beach or your cat. You can also type in these searches yourself.

Finding people

It’s also easier to find people in your photos than it’s ever been. Now in the photos app, you’ll have a section of the app called “People,” which uses Apple’s facial technology to group pictures of the same people together. By hitting “Select” on this screen, you can identify the people in the pictures or combine identifications.

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RAW photo editing

This won’t appeal to every person, but the people who want it will really appreciate it. Apple is now allowing users to capture and edit RAW images using certain apps such as Adobe Lightroom for Mobile or Obscura. Photographers may enjoy the chance to do some more advanced editing — even with pictures taken on their phones. Storing RAW images does take up a lot of space, though, so be discriminating about what you want to keep.

Photo markup

You can draw or type on any picture you take, starting in iOS 10. So now much more of your phone’s photo album can look like your Snapchat account. This feature is pretty deeply hidden, but users can find it by opening a picture and finding the three-slider icon that opens up editing options. From there, hit the three-dot icon in a circle and choose “Markup.”

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Email filtering

Almost everyone has a messy inbox that makes it hard to find exactly what you want when you want it. Apple’s new Mail app in iOS 10 has a filter button in the bottom left-hand corner, which lets you filter flagged and/or unread messages, messages sent directly to you, messages with attachments, or messages from people on your VIP list.

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