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Apple iPhone has a secret feature hidden inside settings

Apple iPhone has a secret feature hidden inside settings 
If you are an iPhone or iPad user you will agree to the fact that iOS devices have always something new to offer and many time it's hidden deep inside some setting option, but many Apple iPhone owners probably think they are familiar with the many features of iOS - with the operating system having been around for almost a decade.

However, one brand new feature has recently been unearthed which you probably don’t know about.

The Apple iPhone has a hidden magnifying glass feature that is tucked away inside the accessibility menu.

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It instantly turns your iPhone into a magnifying glass, providing invaluable help when you're having trouble reading or seeing things.

Once enabled all you need to do to turn on the feature is to tap the home button three times to get a bigger view of life on the iPhone screen.

To turn on the magnifying glass on your Apple iPhone, first click on Settings and then choose General.

In the next menu select Accessibility and click on Magnifier.

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All you then need to do is turn that setting on.

Apple iPhone owners can then bring up the magnifying glass after it's been enabled by clicking the home button three times.

You can then use the slider tool at the bottom of the screen to zoom in closer or pull further back.

You can also press the circular button in the center to take a shot of the magnified image, which you can then inspect further.

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