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iPhone Caught Fire on Camera

Burnt iPhone
iPhone Caught Fire on Camera 
The CCTV footage, taken on Monday at a mobile phone repair store in Australia, purportedly shows what begins as a normal exchange between a customer and staff member.

The video shows the moment the battery overheated — you can see the man flinch and drop the device as it began spewing black smoke throughout the shop.

According to the store’s account, the explosion blew the screen clean off the phone and led to the shop being evacuated and closed for the rest of the day due to the lingering fumes.

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“The customer picked up (the) phone and applied a regular amount of pressure to the screen,” before it began shooting out smoke, according to the shopkeeper’s account

Security cameras as the store captured the moment from multiple angles as the startled customer dropped the phone and backed away.

“(The) initial force of the explosion caused the screen to come off the phone. Our staff extinguished the phone with a fire extinguisher,” the store said.

“Draw your own conclusions, but imagine if this happened five minutes earlier when the guy was driving to the shop.”
Public awareness of the potential dangers of lithium batteries in smartphones was heightened last year after Samsung had to do an embarrassing worldwide recall of its Galaxy Note 7 due to issues with exploding batteries.

As per the store, this was not the first time they have faced something like this, “We have had iPhone batteries explode before," says Owen.

"It was an iPhone 5 battery about three years ago. When they blow, they smoke like that because the two chemicals in the battery mix. It sets off a toxic green haze. It set the whole bin on fire. After that we bought fire equipment [used in the most recent video]."

"He bought me a case of beer," says Owen about the customer.

"In regional Australia that's what you do."

A staff member then douses the smouldering device with a fire extinguisher.

 - Sydney Morning Herald

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