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One Of the greatest feature coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

iOS 11
One Of the greatest feature coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11
As per the recent report published on the Israeli site The Verifier (via), which says we can expect to see an improved version of Siri arrive alongside iOS 11.

As per the published report, we might seem some of the new features along with iMessage integration, iCloud syncing, and an ability to learn from user behavior. These features can be very handy for all those people who loves to do the new stuff with Siri.

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Talking from the earlier reports and leaks, which already suggested we could see group Facetime calls from the next iOS iteration, but now it's claiming details about an upgraded Siri, included in a recently-revealed patent, will also make it in.

In November, last year, the patent in question revealed possible plans for Siri to become more pro-active in specific apps, such as interjecting in iMessage conversations to help with tasks including finding out the location of everyone in a group conversation.

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What's more, the report claims Siri will gain more AI capabilities, learning from user behaviors in specific apps and adapting itself to fit better with the user.

The report goes on to claim that such functionality will be used across devices and platforms, thanks to iCloud, with user-specific AI appearing on MacOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

At this point, the claims are entirely unconfirmed, and The Verifier hasn't yet proven itself to be a reliable source of information, so take the claims with due caution.

But it would make a lot of sense for Apple to be improving its digital assistant. Google Assistant and the upcoming Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8 are two examples of how rival companies are stepping up their AI ambitions, and Apple won't want to fall behind.

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If the improvements to Siri are as close as this latest report claims, we're sure they'll be implemented by the time the iPhone 8 arrives later this year – but, again, there's absolutely no way to be sure at this point.

iOS 11, on the other hand, should be unveiled at Apple's big developer conference, WWDC 2017, which is scheduled to start on June 5.

As such, come June, we should have a much better idea of the company's plans for Siri, so stay tuned for the latest.

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