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This feature of iPhone 8 will make you crazy about the device

iPhone 8
This feature of iPhone 8 will make you crazy about the device
Apple new flagship, 10th anniversary iPhone, iPhone 8 or iPhone X whatever you call it is at least 6 months away, but the leaks and rumors are on the highest level about the device. We have heard many rumors and news about the upcoming iPhone 8 or iPhone X from different source and every time news has got information about some new and interesting features being added in the device 
In the recent report about the iPhone 8, it was reported that the home button is all set to go away; it is being believed that the home button is not the only one that is getting fired from this party.

You heard it correct, as per the recent report Fast Company believes that the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X whatever it will be called) will most probably lose the volume rockers, power button, mute switch or all of those. The removed buttons will be replaced with “touch-sensitive inlays” in the metal.

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The removed buttons will be replaced with “touch-sensitive inlays” in the metal, which simply means that the iPhone might just be a big block of touch screen waiting for all your fingertip impressions, something Jony Ive could get turned on by.

Or it can have the edge display, featuring the touch sensitive buttons (in the form of always on display) for all the controls of the device.
Apart from that, Apple ‘seems’ to be looking at a next-gen gesture or face detection security feature in their upcoming Smartphones. Also, the company is working on improving their genius ‘Portrait Mode’ feature as seen on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apart from other features, wireless charging and larger battery than the iPhone 7 is another feature Apple might be looking to include on the iPhone 8. Android competitors like Samsung and other brands have already included these features in their devices along the back.

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As we all know that this year iPhone will be one of the biggest launches of the year. Being the 10th anniversary iPhone Apple wants to make maximum out of it and if reports are to be believed, Apple is skipping iPhone 7s as this year iPhone is going to have bigger changes from the design as well as from the features point of view.

So, to concluded we would only say that iPhone 8 or iPhone X will be the biggest launch for Apple till now, and the tech world is buzzing like nothing.

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