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This tiny change in iOS has made iPhone faster

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This tiny change in iOS has made iPhone faster
If you have updated your iPhone to the latest 10.3 update, then you might have noticed that your iPhone is running smoother and quicker than usual.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as new software makes a smartphone run like the wind, and the update 10.3 for iOS particularly includes a fancy new modern file system which plays a major role in freeing up more space than devices on older versions of iOS.

But that is not the only reason why the iPhone is now quicker and smoother, according to Apple engineer Renaud Lienhart. He recently took to Twitter to reveal one of the undocumented tweaks to the OS.

He said in Tweet, “iOS 10.3 feel “snappier” because many animations were slightly tweaked & Shorten for the better”

The animations he is talking about happening when you launch, close or switches between apps. According to BGR, this does not mean the apps will be running faster when you use them, but in fact, it has to do with more improved responsiveness, which we noticed while switching between open apps on the new OS. It is a small change nevertheless but makes multi-tasking a breeze on the iPhone.

Users should update their device to iOS 10.3 for more than just the speed boost. The reason being that it is always a good idea to run the latest version of the phone’s OS since updates usually are known to fix issues and bugs, like Safari ransom bug that 10.3 kicked out.

Also, now you will able to track down your annoying AirPods when they get lost repeatedly and avoid a $69 fee for a replacement.

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