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4 Hidden features your iPhone and iPad has got with iOS 10.3

 iOS 10.3
4 Hidden features your iPhone and iPad has got with iOS 10.3
Apple has just released the official version of iOS 10.3 for everyone, the last major software update for iPhones, iPads, and iPods before the big iOS 11 rolls out in June.

As we know Apple latest iOS has some great hidden features which are normally not highlighted by apple but are very handy for the users. Today in this article we are going to talk about the 4 hidden tips of iOS 10.3, which will be very handy for the users. 

iOS 10.3 comes with a new filing system. 

With the new iOS comes the Apple File System — a replacement for the existing HFS+ filing system — that was first debuted at WWDC 2016. Apple calls AFS "the next generation in storage." What does it do? It reportedly increases available storage space by a bit and offers better encryption. You don't have to manually do anything once you download the latest iOS, as the new filing system is incorporated automatically. 

iOS 10.3 will give you a weather report within Maps. 

If you have an iPhone 6s or newer device, then you can utilize a cool new feature via your device's 3D Touch support. Within the Maps app, users can push the weather icon and trigger a pop-up that provides a seven-day forecast without having to open the weather app separately. 

iOS 10.3 will tell you which apps are slowing down your device. 

This one's crucial. Is your iPhone running slowly? Go to "Settings," "General," "About" and then "Applications." Here, Apple will list the apps that could slow down your device and may be incompatible with the operating system if they don't get updated.

iOS 10.3 lets Verizon users make and receive calls over iCloud. 

Verizon users can finally get in on the fun with the new update, as it allows users to make and receive calls via the Wi-Fi Calling feature through iCloud. Now, instead of exclusively routing your calls through your iPhone, users can make Wi-Fi calls through an array of iCloud connected devices: iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. To activate Wi-Fi calling, go to "Settings," "Phone" and "Wi-Fi Calling." Then, to curate which devices can route calls, go to "Settings," "Phone" and "Calls on Other Devices," and turn the toggle on.

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