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5 hidden feature of iPhone camera to click the best photographs

5 hidden feature of iPhone camera to click the best photographs
iPhone camera users are likely aware that when they have an image they want to capture all it takes is a tap on the screen to make the camera focus on a selected part of the image. What users may not be aware of is that when doing this the exposure is set to either brighten or darken the image.

When trying to take an image of an object that is placed in front of a large window the iPhone will automatically focus on the bright light the window is allowing into the image by default, throwing the object into shadow. The user can get the iPhone camera to focus on the object itself with a tap on the object image on the screen, and the iPhone will then shift focus from the bright light coming through the window to the object. Unfortunately, in doing this the iPhone will make the light from the window even brighter but the intended focus of the image, the object, will now be seen, just not in the greatest detail.

In this article, we are going to talk about 5 tips which will make your iPhone clicked photo a world class.

Grid Lines

By using the standard rules of 3 techniques, grid lines align objects as well as subjects with a 3x3 grid. And it can help you take photos that have much better composition than regular ones. Grid lines feature is available in Photo and Square models. How to enable this feature?

Go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid, and turn it on.

Volume Button = Shutter Button

This trick is quite useful when it’s inconvenient to tap the shutter button on the screen. Using vol+ or vol- button to take photos can increase stabilization.

Burst Shot

When you want to take multiple different and rapid photos, burst shot is one of the great features that you can make use of. By holding down the shutter button (or vol +/- button), iPhone camera can take 10 photos per second until you move your finger away. And you can check them in Photo Gallery and decide which you would like to keep and which want to delete.

Camera Shortcuts

In addition to the Camera icon on the screen, there are another 2 shortcuts available to take you to the camera directly. One camera shortcut can be found in the Control Center, which you could access by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone. In the Control Center, you can see a camera icon in the bottom right corner.

As for another camera shortcut, it is just in the bottom right corner of the lock screen. By swiping upwards on the camera icon, you will enter iPhone Camera directly without entering a passcode.

Embrace negative space.

"Negative space" simply refers to the areas around and between the subjects of an image --and it can take a photo from "good" to "great."

When you include a lot of empty space in a photo, your subject will stand out more and evoke a stronger reaction from your viewer. And what does negative space looks like? It's often a large expanse of open sky, water, an empty field, or a large wall, as in the examples below.

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