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5 hidden tips for iOS 10.3 which will make your life easy

iOS 10.3
5 hidden tips for iOS 10.3 which will make your life easy
If you are the Apple fan or user you must be aware that iOS 10.3 is going to hit your device. The third beta of the iOS 10.3 has been released to developers and testers for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The release of the iOS 10.3 for both iPads and iPhone are confirmed. Many details have not yet been released about the iOS 10.3. However, it will have a “Find My AirPods” feature.

Today in this article we are going to talk about 5 tips for iOS 10.3 which will make your life easy while using your iPhone and iPad.

Clean junk and unused files to free up storage space

Apple requires a whopping 1GB+ of free disk space before the 10.3 download and installation process can start. This can be difficult for a regular device user.

An instant solution is to get rid of the photos and videos that are already backed up on the iCloud. If you have not used a downloaded app for more than 2 months, it is time to uninstall the 'squatter app'.

As an inbuilt mechanism to speed up the system performance, iOS 10.3 generates a lot of temporary files, which are released when their function is over. These files, if unreleased for some reason can lead to stability issues like unexplained app crashes. Delete these files regularly by removing app documents and data. You can even take help of a professional iOS cleaning tool to find and delete temporary files.

Power off the device

Most of our gadgets are used day in and day out. There are very few instances when they are completely switched off. Like we need a good night's sleep in order to rejuvenate our faculties, our devices to need some time off from their ON time.

If you would have noticed, some apps become slow over a period of time. Merely terminating these apps does not help regain speed, as there are several background processes that keep eating the system's operational bandwidth.

To help your system recover its normal speed, and to prevent process hogging apps from slowing down your device, it is necessary to allot specific 'downtimes' when your device is powered off on purpose.

Reset network settings

With frequent changes in network types (like switching to 4G after using 3G internet for a long time, or keeping both the iPhone network and Wi-Fi on), the iPhone might appear to be slow in accessing data over the Internet. This also happens if the network settings are configured incorrectly.

Periodically refreshing the device's network settings by going to Settings >> General >> Reset Network Settings can help in increasing the network connection access speed. Also, network settings (for iPhone) and Wi-Fi settings (for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) should always be kept up-to-date as changes in their settings/passwords may slow down the Internet access and it would appear to be an iOS 10.3 fault instead.

Update Apps

IOS allows automatic updates over Wi-Fi by default unless set otherwise in App Store settings. If you have switched off automatic updates, after upgrading to iOS 10.3, go to App Store >> Updates and update all apps that have an update available. This will ensure that you have the latest version that is compatible with iOS 10.3. This will eliminate app crashes (if the app quality is originally good) and slowing down of the system due to incompatible apps.

It is recommended that even after the initial manual update when installing iOS 10.3, you either enable automatic app updates or regularly update your apps to keep your iOS performance up to the mark.

Do away with nonessential defaults

Certain default features that give you a sleek user experience in terms of screen appearance or usability of an app can also slow down the iOS in the meanwhile. A better performance of iOS 10.3 requires you to make some trade-offs in terms of disposable fringe features that are not critical in the system's working. For example, you can reduce motion and transparency effects from Settings >> General >> Accessibility. Turn off automatic background refresh from Settings >> General.

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