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5 tips which can help you use Siri more effectively on your iOS 10

5 tips which can help you use Siri more effectively on your iOS 10
Siri is one of the biggest feature every Apple device has and with iOS 10 it has to bring the things on the different level.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the 5 tips which will help you extract from Siri running on iOS 10.

Smarter than ever before

There are already plenty of third-party apps that play nicely with this new version. Over time more and more developers will add their own apps to the line-up too. To see which of your installed apps on iOS 10 now support Siri, head to Settings, then Siri, and tap on App support. Here, you’ll see a list of apps on your mobile that can be used hands-free with the virtual assistant.

It’s not just third-party apps that work with Siri. You can now ask your phone to show you pictures that you took on your iPhone during a particular month, for example. Here’s a quick look at some of the popular apps now rocking Siri support. The handy (unofficial) Hey Siri website provides a full list of commands to try out.


The latest version of the popular messaging service WhatsApp lets you send messages and place calls without having to enter the app. Activate Siri on your iPhone or iPad and say something along the lines of ‘send a WhatsApp message to Joe Bloggs’. Siri will recognize the command, ask you what you want the message to say and then fire it off to your contact.

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As Siri grows, our houses get smarter too. With Apple’s Home app, you can use Siri to control HomeKit-enabled products. This means you can turn on your smart lights with a simple spoken request. You can tell Siri to adjust the room temperature or show you a live feed of an outdoor security camera. You can also check if your front door is locked or open up your garage doors if you’re heading out in a hurry.


Apple’s iOS 10 update lets you bark commands at your iPhone if you want to quickly order a taxi through the Uber app. You can request a lift and view a real-time map showing where your ride is at that very moment.

Other Siri-compatible apps include Pinterest, which you can ask to show you images. And LinkedIn will send your contacts messages when spoken to. There are still lots of silly voice commands and Easter eggs to play around with, too. Try asking Siri to tell you a joke or sing you a song and see what happens.

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Is your iOS device compatible?

You can’t use all of Siri’s app commands without iOS 10, and not every iOS device supports the latest update. While the new iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 are compatible (along with the older iPhone SE and iPhone 6), iPhone 4 owners are out of luck.

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