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6 features that May come in new iPhone 8

 iPhone 8
6 features that May come in new iPhone 8
As we are coming closer to the launch of the second big phone of the year iPhone 8, rumors, leaks and expectations has increased. Many reports and leaks suggest that iPhone 8 will be totally redesigned and will feature all-glass designed and much more.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the six features that can be expected in the new flagship of Apple, iPhone 8.

Curved Edge Display

The iPhone 8 is expected to have a major redesign — including an almost edge-to-edge screen with curved edges. In this respect, rival Samsung beat Apple to the punch. It released the Galaxy S8, with a similar screen design, earlier this year.

By cutting down drastically reducing the size of the iPhone's bezels (the inert areas around the screen on the face of the device), you can pack more screen into less space. This could let you have an iPhone 7 Plus-sized screen on a device the size of an iPhone 7 overall.

This screen is believed to be OLED — a type of screen technology that uses less power than the LCD screens Apple has traditionally used and allows for darker, truer blacks.

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No Physical Home Button

The new, larger screen will also mean an end to a physical home button. Instead, it will be replaced with on-screen buttons, similar to many Android devices.

But this creates a new problem. What happens to Touch ID? Apple's fingerprint scanning tech has been previously been integrated into the home button, so killing it off will force Apple to locate it elsewhere.

According to analysts at Cowen and Company, Apple has been trying to build it directly into the screen instead. But this is producing technical difficulties and is reportedly the "biggest bottleneck" in production.

Alternatively, Apple could place the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device.

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AR to be integrated

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made no secret of the fact he's enamored with augmented reality — technology that inserts virtual objects into the real world. He has even said that one day, it will be as commonplace as "eating three meals a day."

There are reports that Apple is looking at including augmented reality functionality in some form to the iPhone 8. Bloomberg reported the company has "explored adding" the tech, while veteran Apple analyst-turned-investor Gene Munster told Business Insider he expects the next iPhone to include augmented reality.

Wireless charging will be reality

Earlier this year, Apple joined an industry group, the Wireless Power Consortium — a hint that wireless charging might be coming to the next iPhone. It already exists in the Apple Watch, and some other Android smartphones. Rumors are swirling that the tech will make its way to the iPhone 8.

Rear Camera placement will be different than iPhone 7 Plus

Leaked renders and photos of what are allegedly iPhone 8 dummy units show a change in design on the back of the device. The dual-lens design introduced in the iPhone 7 Plus is back — but this time around, they're orientated vertically rather than horizontally. (It will allegedly still have a camera bump, however.)

Apple is also rumored to be including a second lens on the front-facing selfie camera.

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Repositioned camera lenses

The iPhone 7 Plus made a big advancement with dual camera lenses, which rest horizontally in the upper left corner of the phone. The new iPhone will still sport two camera lenses, but leaked images show them situated vertically this time around.

There's no word on what effect, if any, the new positioning will have.

Those same images have caused some to believe the new iPhone will not have the traditional volume buttons on the side of the phone. That said, it could be possible that the buttons simply aren't visible in the leaked images.

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