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6 features which will be missing in iPhone 8

iPhone 8
6 features which will be missing in iPhone 8
Apple is all set to launch the tenth edition of iPhone in 2017 and as per the reports and leaks, the device is going to be the best of all iPhone and expected to be named as iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the features which will be lacking in iPhone 8 but are one of the cool features in their competitor’s flagships.

Dual SIM cards

Dual SIM devices are popular in high-growth mobile markets like China and India because they let users mix and match cheaper voice and data plans, as well as keep separate work and home numbers on a single device.

Early rumors suggested that Apple would add dual SIMs to the iPhone 8, but recent reports indicate that it will only feature a single SIM slot. The main reason is that the major carriers that promote flagship devices like the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 prefer locking in users with single voice and data plans -- which boosts their profit margins.

Long-distance wireless charging

Apple reportedly struck a deal with Energous, a pioneer in long-distance wireless charging, last December. Since Energous' WattUp charging tech can charge devices from 15 feet away, it was widely believed that the iPhone 8 could be charged without a cable or a wireless charging pad. The Qi wireless charging standard used by Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S8 only charge devices from 1.6 inches away.

However, Copperfield Research recently suggested that Apple didn't plan to add long-distance charging to the iPhone 8. Instead, it suggested that the deal with Energous was instead aimed at keeping the technology out of its rivals' hands.

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The Home button

Apple will reportedly replace the Home/Touch ID button from the iPhone 8 with a "function area" that reads fingerprints directly from the display. The need for a Home button will likely be solved via software changes in iOS 11.

That's because the iPhone 8's entire screen is expected to be an edge-to-edge bezel-less display similar to Xiaomi's Mi Mix. The first generation Mi Mix placed the fingerprint sensor on the back, but the second-generation device will reportedly also put the fingerprint sensor on the display.

A curved OLED display

Samsung sparked an aesthetic shift when it launched the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014. The display's single curved edge was evolved into two curved edges with the Galaxy S6 Edge and has since become the defining feature of its high-end Edge devices.

Early rumors indicated that Apple would finally add a curved OLED screen to the iPhone 8, but numerous analysts -- including KGI Securities' Ming Chi-Kuo -- claim that Apple scrapped that plan.

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Iris scanner

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 will likely always be remembered as the "exploding" phone, but it was also the first Galaxy device to use an iris scanner to unlock the device. Samsung has also added the feature to its S8 and S8+ devices. The iPhone 8, however, isn't expected to add this futuristic feature.

A 3.5 mm headphone jack

Apple's most controversial design move with the iPhone 7 was the removal of the headphone jack. Critics complained about the need to charge Bluetooth headphones, their poorer sound quality when compared to wired headphones, and the use of clumsy lightning adapters to use regular headphones.

Samsung not only kept the headphone jack in the Galaxy S8, but it doubled down on wired headphones by bundling a pair of $99 Harman AKG headphones with the device. Apple, which rarely backtracks on its design choices, won't likely bring the jack back in the iPhone 8.

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