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8 tips for Siri on iPhone and iPad

iPhone Siri
8 tips for Siri on iPhone and iPad
I feel iPhone and iPad would have not been so much of fun if Siri would have not been there. There are just so many things you can do with Siri to make your day to day easier.

Siri is there to help you with your tasks, but just don’t ask it for any money since you won’t get anywhere with that. Today in this article we are going to talk about the 8 tips about the Siri.

How to Turn on Do Not Disturb

There comes a time when you just need some peace and quite. You can’t control absolutely everything, but by turning on the Do Not Disturb feature, you definitely lower the number of distractions that might come your way.

Turning on the Do Not Disturb feature is as easy as telling Siri ¨Turn on Do Not Disturb”. You can also do the complete opposite when you want to turn it off. Once you’ve said the command, you should see a widget appear when you can toggle on your request.

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Create Reminders

If you have something important to do, whatever you do don’t simply try to remember to complete the task on your own. It’s just so easy to create a reminder with Siri, you have no excuse not to create one. Just say something like ¨Remind me to buy some milk tomorrow at 5pm¨.

You can even create location based reminder since Reminders are synced via iCloud to your iPhone or iPad. So, instead of telling Siri to remind you to buy the milk at 5 pm, tell her to reminder you when you’re actually in the supermarket.

Locate Information About Your Mac

Let’s say you want to download a program, but you’re not sure if you have enough space. You can have Siri tell you by simply asking ¨How much free space is available on my Mac¨. Siri should show you in a window how much free you have.

Siri won’t limit itself to only telling you how much free space you have on your Mac, but you can also ask her how much free space you have in your iCloud account as well.

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Find Out When Your Favourite Team is Playing

You’re a very busy person, but you always find time to watch your favorite team play. Since you already have a lot of your mind, why not have Siri remind you when your team plays. Just ask Siri ¨When is (your team here) playing¨and she will show you when they’re playing, at what time and against who.

Disable or Enable Bluetooth

This can be very handy if you use a separate Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Now you can turn Bluetooth off saying the magic words ¨Turn off Bluetooth¨. Most users don’t bother turning it off since it doesn’t consume a large amount of power, but if you want to save as much as you can, now you know how Siri can help.

Use Siri to Send Tweets and Text Messages

Don’t bother opening that app to send an iMessage or to post a Tweet. Siri can help you with that. To send an iMessage/Text tell Siri ¨ Send (text or iMessage) to Paul. If you have more than one friend named Paul, Siri will ask you to clarify which Paul.

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Create Notes

Did you just get a brilliant idea for something? Quickly create a note by just saying ¨Create a Note titled Read KnowTechie¨ and the note will be created with that particular title. You can even add things by saying ¨Add writing article¨and since the context is understood, Siri will add ¨Writing Article¨to your new note.

Turn WiFi On or Off

You can even manage your WiFi. So, if you’re going to stop working on WiFi and want to turn it off to save power, just tell Siri to do that.

But, before you go through with it, keep in mind that this is going to limit what Siri can do for you. For example, if you ask Siri what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, she won’t be able to complete that task.

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