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As per new leak iPhone 8 has a great feature and design

iPhone 8
As per new leak iPhone 8 has a great feature and design
iPhone 8 rumors have picked up the pace, and Thursday bout of leaks bring more information on design, certain specification details, and the fact that the iPhone 8 may, unfortunately, skip the new fingerprint technology expected to be embedded underneath the display, and instead opt for other less exciting options.

The iPhone 8 that may or may not have been detailed in these newly leaked schematics aligns perfectly with some poorly sourced rumors that popped up recently, so the odds are fairly good that someone simply whipped up this photo for fun. We have seen similar leaks from Foxconn factories in the past though, so it’s at least worth exploring the idea that this is the real deal.

That said, I sincerely hope it’s not the real deal for two main reasons.

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First, it’s ugly. Second, moving the Touch ID scanner to the back of the phone would be a huge step backward in terms of user experience. The bottom part of a phone’s face is the natural location for a fingerprint scanner because it’s where the thumb ends up when you pull a phone out of your pocket. Also, the front of the phone is always facing the user, so he or she doesn’t have to fumble around while trying to feel for it. Sadly, recent rumors suggest that Apple is indeed toying with the idea of a rear-mounted scanner due to manufacturing difficulties with embedded the scanner in the display.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed since this is all unsubstantiated, or we can at least hope that Apple and its partners work through any manufacturing problems they might be facing. Just in case this is the real deal, however, graphic designer Benjamin Geskin whipped up a render of an iPhone 8 that just about matches the specs laid out in these supposed schematics.

iPhone new design
iPhone new design 

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Arcuri suggests that Apple could solely rely on facial recognition as a fallback option, or it could move the Touch ID fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone, even though it is not user-friendly. The analyst also suggests that Apple could stick to the plan, but delay production and sale, even though the announcement will happen alongside the iPhone 7s. The analyst also claims that 3D sensors are also causing hiccups in production, something that has been reported earlier as well.

MacRumors also got hold of a report by Arcuri, and it reveals that all the three iPhones will have 3GB of RAM, and while the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will stick to the 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage variants, the iPhone 8 will be offered in 64GB and 256GB configurations only. The report also states that the iPhone 8 will have two battery packs to increase battery life, and will continue to sport a Lightning port.

The iPhone 8 is additionally expected to introduce wireless charging, waterproofing, a front 3D sensor camera, and no Home Button.

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