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iOS 10.3 has a big secret feature for iPhone and iPad users

iOS 10.3
iOS 10.3 has a big secret feature for iPhone and iPad users
Apple's major release of iOS 10.3 was a big hit with iPad, iPhone, and iPod users. The highlight of the new software update was a delightful surprise for all users as the new feature makes devices run noticeably faster and more responsive. Advertised with a brand-new file system, the update brings major changes to the backbone of iOS.

As always, Apple has some surprise to offer to its users and yes, this time it’s in the form of two new keyboards. These two new keyboards will change the way users type.

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One of them appears to be a “gestural keyboard” which lets you delete by swiping left on any key and insert a space by swiping right.

The other is a teeny-tiny “floating” keyboard which can be moved around the screen.

On the larger iPad Pro screen, this interface is about as large as the one people use to type on an iPhone, so could end up being very useful.

An Irish computer expert called Steve Troughton-Smith discovered the keyboards in a beta version of the software which was distributed to developers this week.

You can see how they work in the tweets below: -

Other than this Apple new iOS 10.3 offers some cool features as well like.

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Write a review in-app

iOS 10.3 also gives developers the option to ask users to write a review without leaving the app. This way, users will be encouraged to leave more reviews and ratings without having to switch to the App Store.

In addition, app developers will also be able to respond to these reviews and everyone will be able to read the response, making the app review process more of a forum.

Faster-changing app icons

Before iOS 10.3, developers had to push out a new version of their app if they wanted to introduce a new app icon. But in iOS 10.3, app icons can be changed more frequently, at the developers’ discretion.

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Hourly Weather forecast in Maps

You’re now able to get more details about upcoming weather in the Maps app. Simply use Touch ID on the weather icon to the right of the screen to see what the weather is going to be like in that particular location in the next six-hour period.

Apple Updates to CarPlay

This update also gives CarPlay improved app switching capabilities. Now you can quickly switch between your media, messaging, and travel apps without having to go to the Home screen first.

In addition, the Music app has added an Up Next screen so you can see all the music that’s in your queue. Plus, you can access album view from the song screen.

Switch to Apple File System

One of the most significant changes in iOS 10.3 is also perhaps one of the least noticeable. Apple has made a switch in the iOS file system, going from outdated HFS+ system to the new Apple File System (APFS). Using APFS may result in free storage space on your device.

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