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New leak suggest iPhone 8 is going to have awesome new feature

iPhone 8
New leak suggest iPhone 8 is going to have awesome new feature

This year Apple iPhone is going to be a special device which will be launched in the name of iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone edition. This year Apple has completed the 10th year of iPhone launch and everyone is expecting a device which will bring the mega upgrade from the specification to design.

Continuing the leaks, recent leaks suggest that device is going to the “True Tone Display.” Below in this article, we cover at all new is expected to come in iPhone 8.

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A nice improvement

Apple's OLED iPhone which is widely referred to as the iPhone 8 is likely to pack many significant new features compared to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. The addition of True Tone display to the iPhone 8 is likely to be just one of many compelling new features that could potentially drive significant upgrade activity among current iPhone users, as well as possible defections from premium Android smartphone users.

The more standard iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, on the other hand, are rumored to have much less interesting updates.

For example, rumors seem to point to similar -- if not identical -- industrial designs for the iPhone 7s/7s Plus relative to the iPhone 7/7 Plus phones. In a world increasingly populated with stylish smartphones that likely more closely resemble Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 rather than Apple's relatively dated-looking iPhone 7/7 Plus, Apple will need some incredibly compelling and useful features to make the iPhone 7s/7s Plus attractive to customers if the rumors about the 7s/7s Plus designs are true.

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Features like True Tone, which really do enhance the user experience, can certainly help in that respect.

What else can Apple bring to the "standard" iPhone models?

A True Tone display likely won't be enough to really get customers excited about the "standard" iPhone 7s/iPhone 7s Plus models. Given that Apple is in the business of trying to develop products that excite customers, it's worth speculating a bit about what other features Apple could bring to these devices.

To start, there's plenty of room for Apple to improve its camera subsystems. Apple used to be known for offering unmatched camera experiences on its iPhones, but lately, the competition has been able to field extremely competitive cameras -- in some cases, arguably better than what Apple currently sells.

For example, the iPhone 7 scores 86 in camera performance tests performed by DXOMark. This makes the camera one of the best smartphone cameras out there, but among its peers in the premium smartphone space, it's hardly the leader. The Huawei P10 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus score an 87; the Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC 10 achieve scores of 88, and the Pixel tops the charts with a score of 89.

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If Apple wants a nice selling point for even its potentially stale-looking iPhone 7s/7s Plus, it could start by equipping them with cameras that can top the competition in DXOMark's tests (though it would be OK if they lost to the camera subsystem found inside of the OLED-packing iPhone 8).

Along with a large leap in camera performance and the addition of a True Tone display, Apple is rumored to be adding some type of fast-charging technology to its 2017 iPhone lineup. This is one of those features that has long been present in competing smartphones that has the potential to make life much more convenient for iPhone users.

In addition to the above improvements, Apple is also likely to bring a boost in processor, graphics, and wireless performance this year -- as is standard for new iPhone launches.

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