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Note 8 confirmed by Samsung? Check out the stunning design

Note 8
Note 8 confirmed by Samsung? Check out the stunning design
After the successful launch of the new flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, As per the reports and Samsung statement company is all set to launch the second flagship of the year and probably that is going to be Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Samsung declared first quarter financial results, which was impressive with good profitability, there's something far more tantalising shoehorned into its future forecasts. In the Statement, the company said, "The company will strive to maintain profitability through robust sales of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the launch of a new flagship smartphone in the second half."

Surely that gives us the confirmation about the much-rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and it is likely to hit the August - September release slot as previous devices in that particular range.

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But before Samsung launch the Note 8, DSB Designing rendered a new Samsung Note 8 concept that looks like the smartphone of our dreams. The phone look stunning in the design and is much influenced by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ design.

The design has expanded almost everything of Samsung S8 + and it now features a 6.4-inch QHD+ Infinity Display, 16MP dual-camera set up, 13MP front-facing camera, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage with MicroSD expandability and a 4,000mAh battery. It also comes with the beloved stylus the Note line is famous for.

Check out the below video for the stunning 360 design.:

Other than Note 8 (assumed from the flagship phone), Samsung also pointed that they will launch Mid to the low-end smartphone in the market, they said, "Samsung will also look to sustain profitability in the mid- to low-end segment by launching new products and streamlining the line-up."

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