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One of the biggest features of iPhone 8 revealed

iPhone 8
One of the biggest features of iPhone 8 revealed 
The upcoming 10th-anniversary edition iPhone 8 may not get a curved display (at least not as much as the Samsung Galaxy S8) but will feature an OLED display, an analyst has claimed.

JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall has said that Apple might be veering away from an edge to edge display but definitely will sport an OLED display.
Apple iPhones now use an LCD screen but an OLED display can help Apple offer a better display with low power consumption. Several reports have suggested that Apple has been in talks with display manufacturers such as Sharp, LG, and Samsung for procuring the new displays.

Also, Apple has been suffering from optimizing battery performance on its iPhones. An OLED display might help ease the problem to some extent.

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However, it might not be all good news as the OLED display will increase the price of the phone. According to Hall, the forthcoming iPhone line will definitively hit an estimated $1,000. But Hall didn’t say which variant will get the price bump.

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