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We have some bad news for iPhone 8 lovers

 iPhone 8
We have some bad news for iPhone 8 lovers
If you are also one of those who is eagerly waiting for iPhone 8 and has not invested in Smartphone for a couple of years. Then, we have some bad news for you people.

Before we move ahead with the new a quick refresher if you don’t keep up with the iPhone-rumor-industrial complex: Apple will be releasing one more phone than usual this fall. There will be the traditional upgrades in the form of the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, which will be iterative updates to the current models — they’ll look and feel a lot like their current counterparts, but faster and with better battery life. The wild card is the iPhone 8 (or as some speculate it will be called, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, the iPhone X).

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As per the recent report published, it seems more and more like the iPhone 8 won’t arrive until nearly the end of 2017, a couple months after Apple usually introduces new iPhones.

The latest sign comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, the reliable KGI Securities analyst, who says mass production of the iPhone 8 may not start until October or November, according to 9to5Mac.

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There are almost always reports ahead of every iPhone launch saying that Apple is going to have limited supplies of its new phone, but the situation this year seems to be quite a bit different. Apple typically starts mass production of new iPhones several months before they’re announced and still faces supply constraints. If Apple isn’t beginning mass production on the iPhone 8 until October or November, they’ll almost certainly be hard to come by until early 2018.

Kuo’s assessment adds to the mounting evidence of a delayed — or, at least, severely supply constrained — iPhone 8. Just last week, Bloomberg reported that the iPhone 8 could be delayed by “one or two months,” and Mac Otakara is also expecting a delayed launch.

The general consensus is that the iPhone 8 will feature a new design with an OLED display and a nearly bezel-free look. That means the phone will do away with the iPhone’s iconic home button. Apple is also rumored to be adding wireless charging and a front-facing camera with Kinect-like abilities to track motion in 3D.

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More and more images purporting to be leaked iPhone 8 parts and schematics have been coming out over the past few weeks to back all of this up. The origins of these photos are basically unknown, which means there’s very, very good reason to be suspicious of them, but they at least offer an idea of what we’re expecting to see this fall.

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