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2 secret features of iOS 11 revealed in new leak

 iOS 11
2 secret features of iOS 11 revealed in new leak 
iOS 11 update, till now we have been covering many rumors surrounding iOS 11 features. But we will get the first look of iOS 11 soon at the Apple’s 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference which will hold on 5th June.

As we are a few weeks away from the launch of new OS from Apple, we have some secret features reveled through online leaks, all though these features are not confirmed by Apple. So, should be taken with pinch of salt.

iOS 11 New Features Leak

Whether they are leaks or rumors, there is certainly enough information going around about iOS 11 to keep people happy. Just last week we reported on the possible abolition of the Home App, and the birth of the Automator for iOS. Additionally, there are the more familiar, Siri enhancement stories, along with FaceTime improvements. All of which are pretty usual chatter for a pre-iOS release. However, what people want is something out of the ordinary, a leak or rumor that will stand out.

Good news, there’s are two, and they promise to alter the way you use iOS forever on an iPhone 8, or iPad.

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Peer-To-Peer Payments

Go back one year, to this time in 2016, and you will find numerous reports of peer-to-peer payments coming to iOS 10. While that didn’t exactly happen, it appears Apple has not given up. As iOS leaker and Reddit user cyanhat recently leaked the news these payments would be ready for iOS 11. And they would happen via their inclusion with Apple Pay.

Apparently, Apple wants to do this, so that it can take advantage of the coming cashless revolution. In fact, if true, the real reason could be that it see’s a future for the iPhone 8 and others as digital wallets. What’s interesting about this leak/rumor is the fact, that Apple is redeveloping its Wallet App, by adding social features.

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Why? Because it wants to be able to compete with the likes of Venmo, and as such the Wallet app will also have shared functionality with iMessage.

How likely is this to happen? Very likely is the consensus, in fact, it’s probably one of Apple’s priority features for iOS 11.

FaceTime Audio the Default Calling Method

This next leak was first mentioned last week. However, now we can add a little more flesh to its bones. Again, first talked about by Reddit user cyanhat he/she suggested that FaceTime Audio will be the default calling method in iOS 11 for iPhone owners.

Apparently, Apple is looking to make this move to address call quality issues faced by its handset owners for years. Additionally, the fact that FaceTime Audio is clear and crisp help. Also, the fact it provides a superior all-round audio experience means that in general, it will give a better call quality.

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Now, as for iOS 11, this will sit neatly on the Home Screen waiting for a user to activate it. However, as for a negative, it could use more data than is necessary, after all, with a regular carrier, there’s no data use when calling. So, this is something Apple will have to get right straight away or face an angry social media backlash, coupled with forum questions.

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