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3 iOS 11 features that are expected to come on your iPhone and iPad

iOS 11
3 iOS 11 features that are expected to come on your iPhone and iPad
Apple WWDC 2017 event is only one month from now and people are excited to know what new products or services the giant tech company will introduce on the said event. Some of the leak information reveals that the new iOS 11, watchOS 4, Siri and Apple's answer to Google Home and Amazon Echo are some of biggest surprises in the event. But, there are still more revelations the Apple company have in store for its loyal consumers as per latest news.

Today in this article we are bringing you the top three features which are expected to come in iOS 11. These features will soon be on your iPhone.

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FaceTime Group Video Calls

Imagine iOS 11 with no FaceTime group video calls feature? This was the disappointment that iOS 10 users had to contend with, compared to the likes of Skype and Google Hangouts users who have it. This year, however, it’s being suggested that FaceTime will get its own group video chat feature. One that will propel it into the mainstream, and keep its users happy.

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No Support for 32-Bit Apps

This next feature or removal of a feature of iOS would make thousands of apps on the App Store obsolete; you can learn how to find out here. This lack of support for older apps and devices has been indicated as accurate in the recent version of Apple’s firmware like iOS 10.3.

Why is Apple doing this? This is nothing new; the Cupertino-based outfit has been warning app developers that this will happen since 2013. Back when the first 64-bit iPhone 5S launched, now developers have about 6-months to make their apps compatible. However, the prediction is that around 8% of App Store apps will become only usable on older 32-bit devices.

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Siri with a New Voice and Features

Siri’s voice hasn’t significantly changed since 2011 when she first made an appearance on the iPhone 4s. Rumors now suggest Apple has teamed up with a team based in Cambridge U.K to change this. That could mean that a 2017 update to the digital assistant brings with it a more natural sounding voice.

Additionally, it’s no secret that Apple’s assistant has been left behind technologically by companies such as Amazon and Google. However, that could be about to change; new rumors point to an enhanced Siri experience coming with iOS 11. As for what this means, the rumors are not so clear, maybe better third-party integration, meaning you could order food. Maybe book a table at a restaurant, or even buy tickets.

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