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3 Revolutionary features of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

iOS 11
3 Revolutionary features of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad
We are a couple of months away from getting the first look of iOS 11 in WWDC in June 2017. We have seen many leaks about the features of iOS 11 and about the different power the OS will give to your iPhone and iPad.

In this article, we are going to talk about the three revolutionary features that may come in iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.

iPhone Themes and Customization

There is always a lot of interest in iPhone themes when a jailbreak comes out and while we don't expect that Apple will ever add a full theme support it would be awesome to see more customization options.

At this stage, it would be awesome to have an iOS 11 theme that uses several Apple approved themes to allow us to customize the overall color of the phone.

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This is something that Android phones already offer with Samsung and LG both fully supporting some themes that change the look and feel of the phone. We don't expect that Apple will go so far as to change the feel and to change everything, but some customizations would be a great way to expand iOS 11.

Group FaceTime & FaceTime Video Calling

There is currently no support for a three-way call on FaceTime or for group FaceTime video calls. This means users need to rely on Skype, Slack, Hangouts and a variety of other apps to make a video call with multiple people or to fall back to normal cell phone calls for group calls. 

We want the option to do group FaceTime calls with at least three people and to be abe to do at least three-person FaceTime Video calling. This isn't too much of an ask considering the numerous apps that already support it.

There are already rumors that Apple will add support for five-person FaceTime calling with support for video or audio. There is little support for the rumor that FaceTime Audio calls will become the default for iOS 11, and that's not even a feature we want at this stage.

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Always on Display Support

This iOS 11 feature is one that we would love to see in 2017, and it's one that we will likely only see when the iPhone 8 arrives with an OLED display.

Most Android phones include an Always On Display that shows you the time and other key notifications without the need to touch the phone. This uses up very little battery life on an OLED display and is super convenient.

Rumors indicate Apple will switch to an OLED display on the iPhone 8, which would allow for an exclusive feature that is an Always On Display. This could show you key information and notifications without the need to raise to wake.

If Apple removes the physical home button area from the screen, this could be a handy way to see information and without the need to find a precise spot on the phone.

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