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4 features which Apple should include in iOS 11

iOS 11
4 features which Apple should include in iOS 11
Apple is all set to announce iOS 11 at WWDC, the OS which will be powering the Apple most anticipated iPhone ever, iPhone 8 which will be the 10th edition iPhone for Apple.

Thanks to leaks and to other sources we know some potential iOS 11 features that we will see later this year, but today in this article we are bringing you 4 features of iOS 11, which you can mostly a wishlist of features we want to see on the iPhone and iPad in 2017 with iOS 11.

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Smarter Siri

Siri was the first eponymous virtual assistant to hit our smartphones, but since then similar and competing technologies like Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant have eclipsed Siri in function.

Siri could be improved in any number of ways, but high on our wish list is better app integration. As of now, Siri can't follow simple commands like "Post to Instagram" nor can it understand the context of your current apps and activities. Considering the competition, Siri shouldn't just be a hands-free way to control your phone. It should also be able to make performing certain tasks with voice control easier than could be done manually.

We also wish for an option for Siri to default to Google search results instead of Bing's, but, given Apple's and Google's contentious history, we won't hold our breath for that. Right now, you have to include the word "Google" in your voice command to get those results.

Customizable Control Center

The Control Center is the gray panel that appears when you swipe upwards from the bottom of the display on your iPhone or iPad. It contains shortcuts to common tools like the flashlight and camera; iOS 10 expanded it so that if you swipe right, there's a second page with music controls.

It's a convenient feature, but there's no way to personalize the Control Center to better serve your specific needs. For example, if you don't have an Apple TV, there's no need for the permanent AirPlay mirroring button. It would be great if users could choose a different tool or shortcut to take up that real estate. Given Apple's historical preference for a prescription over customization, though, we wouldn't hold our breath for this one.

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Much Awaited Voicemail transcription

Apple rolled out voicemail transcription with iOS 10 and the feature has been labeled beta ever since. It seems like a minor addition considering the endless capabilities of our smartphones, but it's one that we appreciated immediately.

It's convenient to see the content of a voicemail at a glance, as it often takes longer to listen to an entire message than to skip to the relevant parts. Apart from increased accuracy, the beta feature works well enough that we see little room for initial improvement.

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iPhone Themes and Customization

There is always a lot of interest in iPhone themes when a jailbreak comes out and while we don't expect that Apple will ever add a full theme support it would be awesome to see more customization options.

Basically, Themes and Customization helps the user to modify their devices as per their wish to get the refreshed feeling.

At this stage, it would be awesome to have an iOS 11 theme that uses several Apple approved themes to allow us to customize the overall color of the phone.

This is something that Android phones already offer with Samsung and LG both fully supporting some themes that change the look and feel of the phone. We don't expect that Apple will go so far as to change the feel and to change everything, but some customizations would be a great way to expand iOS 11.

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