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5 feature that may come in your iPhone with iOS 11

iOS 11
5 feature that may come in your iPhone with iOS 11
We are less than months away from WWDC 2017. There are many leaks coming on the internet about the iOS 11 features.  New versions of iOS typically release in beta form shortly after the unveiling in June, with the full release coming early in the fall.

So, if you are also one of them who are waiting for iOS 11 to come on your device then with this article we are going to increase that excitement. In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 features that might make a way to you iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.

Group FaceTime

Apart from adding the ability to make voice calls, Apple hasn't changed much about FaceTime since it first appeared with the iPhone 4. FaceTime allows one-on-one video calling between users, but group calling support would make it more enticing.

Not only would this allow more scattered friends and family to have face-to-face conversations, it would also make FaceTime hold up better against competitors like Skype and Google Hangouts.

A few unsubstantiated rumors suggest that group FaceTime is in fact arriving on iOS 11, but we'll have to wait and see.

Customizable Control Center

Control Center was perhaps the best feature included in iOS 7. With a swipe up from the bottom of any screen users could finally quickly toggle Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and rotation lock on or off. Users also finally got quick access to music controls and shortcut icons to Flashlight, Timer, Calculator, and Camera. What would be great, however, is if Apple would allow users to customize these four shortcut buttons. For example, I don't use the Timer that much, so I’d love to replace its shortcut button in Control Centre with a button for Calendar, an app I use a lot. Oh yeah, and integrate 3D Touch gestures into Control Center customization.

Voicemail Transcription Leaves Beta

In iOS 10 Apple introduced Voicemail Transcription, which allows you to see a transcription of a voicemail message, without you needing to actually listen to the message. However, this feature in iOS 10 was only in beta–and it showed. Here’s hoping iOS 11 has a completed Voicemail Transcription feature that’s ready for prime time.

The Ability to Merge Apple IDs

This isn’t a feature specific to iOS 11, although it would benefit every iOS user. When Apple introduced Apple ID’s over 15 years ago they started out as membership IDs for people paying for their tools and .Mac services. However, when the iTunes Store came into being in 2003, Apple started using Apple ID’s for that. Then for the App Store as well. The problem is over the last 15 years many people accumulated more than one Apple ID, leading them to make some purchases under one and some purchases under another. Needless to say, having one digital ID is best and leads to a lot less confusion, so here’s hoping this year is finally the year Apple allows users to merge Apple ID’s into one.

A strong cue from Google Photos

Google Photos has a number of perks that Apple's Photos app lacks. Our favourites? Unlimited cloud storage for photos under 16 MP, smart content detection so you can search by keyword whether you've entered descriptors for your photos or not and built-in ways to create easily exportable animations.

We think it's unlikely that Apple will cut its users a break on cloud storage, but it would be convenient if iOS rolled out with enhanced keyword organization options in Photos. iOS 10 introduced some search ability (you can search Photos for auto-generated categories like "dog' and "mountains") but we'd like to see a greater number of supported smart categories and the ability to manually enter a searchable description. At this point, many users have had iOS devices for several years and that means thousands of photos accumulated over time.
We'd also like to see a way to easily export Live Photos as GIFs or video. There are third-party apps that do this, but there should be a native way to share Live Photos with non-iOS users. Even better, we would also appreciate built-in ways to create animations and collages directly from the camera roll.

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