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5 features iOS 11 should get from Android O

iOS 11
5 features iOS 11 should get from Android O
iOS is one of the best operating system available in the market, but if you see a couple of years back they were innovators while other where follower but now the situation has turned around.

In this article we have brought wish list of 5 feature which we expect to be included in iOS 11, these features are driven from upcoming Android OS, Android O.

Multi-Display Support

Android O improved multi-display support substantially, by allowing you to move apps from one panel to another. Apps can specify which display an activity should run on. There aren’t too many scenarios where you’ll use an Android device in a multi-display setup, but it will come in handy from time to time, especially if you use a tablet with a keyboard like the Pixel C.

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Turn on Wi-Fi automatically when you get home

One of my favorite little announcements from Google I/O was the ability for Android O to turn Wi-Fi on automatically when you arrive at trusted locations,

If you tend to turn Wi-Fi off when you’re out and about to conserve battery, this will make your life a lot easier. It’ll also save you precious data should you forget to turn it back on when you get home.

Everyone will agree with me this feature is on their wish list. Sometimes when we come back home from office we forget to turn on the Wi-Fi leading to the Mobile data consumption.  We would like to request Apple to include this feature in iOS 11.

Bluetooth 5 Support

Android O brings full support for the Bluetooth 5.0 spec. Keep in mind, this is just on the software end, and both your smartphone/tablet and your paired device will need the proper hardware for Bluetooth 5 to work (the Galaxy S8 is currently the only phone with Bluetooth 5).

Still, if all those pre-requisites are met, there are plenty of benefits, including twice the transfer speed and four times the range of its predecessor. Perhaps the most practical advantage, however, is the ability to connect two pairs of headphones at once for listening to music with friends. It’s about time.

This is expected to come in iOS 11, but we would like to make a special request to Apple to include Bluetooth 5 Support.

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Adaptive Icons

Icons on Android O can be designed to support a variety of shapes – including squares, circles, and squircles – which should help deal with the style discrepancies among various manufacturers. This is done by giving icons two layers – a background and foreground – so that only the background gets cut off depending on the manufacturer.
This is one of the cool features that Android is going to launch with Android O and we expect this to be included in iOS 11.

More fingerprint gestures

Android O’s developer documentation explains that accessibility services will be able to respond to directional swipes on the fingerprint sensor. While it seems to be meant for accessibility apps, we’re likely to see some apps take advantage of it for custom gestures.

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