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5 features which might come to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

iOS 11
5 features which might come to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11
We are less than months away from WWDC 2017 and excitement about the Apple new OS is on the top. There are many leaks coming on the internet about the iOS 11 features.  New versions of iOS typically release in beta form shortly after the unveiling in June, with the full release coming early in the fall.

So, if you are also one of them who are waiting for iOS 11 to come on your device then with this article we are going to increase that excitement. In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 features that might make a way to you iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.

iPhone Themes and Customization

There is always a lot of interest in iPhone themes when a jailbreak comes out and while we don't expect that Apple will ever add a full theme support it would be awesome to see more customization options.

At this stage, it would be awesome to have an iOS 11 theme that uses several Apple approved themes to allow us to customize the overall color of the phone.

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This is something that Android phones already offer with Samsung and LG both fully supporting some themes that change the look and feel of the phone. We don't expect that Apple will go so far as to change the feel and to change everything, but some customizations would be a great way to expand iOS 11.

Group FaceTime & FaceTime Video Calling

There is currently no support for a three-way call on FaceTime or for group FaceTime video calls. This means users need to rely on Skype, Slack, Hangouts and a variety of other apps to make a video call with multiple people or to fall back to normal cell phone calls for group calls. 

We want the option to do group FaceTime calls with at least three people and to be abe to do at least three-person FaceTime Video calling. This isn't too much of an ask considering the numerous apps that already support it.

There are already rumors that Apple will add support for five-person FaceTime calling with support for video or audio. There is little support for the rumor that FaceTime Audio calls will become the default for iOS 11, and that's not even a feature we want at this stage.

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Siri for third party App
For years we asked for Siri to be open to third party apps, assuming if this happened we would get what we really want - the ability to control Spotify using Siri.

We were wrong. Apple opened up Siri in iOS 10, but you can only use Siri to control Apple Music. It is against Apple's rules to use Sirikit to let a music app work with Siri voice control. It's amazing how this happens when Apple needs to launch a service like Apple Music and take on Spotify.

Sure, you can use Siri to call an Uber or send someone money, but that's something we might use twice a year. On the other hand, we would use Siri to change playlists and artists while driving every single day.

It's unlikely Apple will give us this iOS 11 feature that we really want, but it won't stop us from asking.

OS Update Waves Goodbye To The Home App

In what would be a surprise move if true, cyanhat also claims that with iOS 11 the Home App will be no more. Apparently, Apple will replace its functionality with directly inside of the Automator app.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the Apple Mac. It already has an Automator app, which is obviously the inspiration behind the new iOS 11 version. However, this new version will appear in a Mac OS update as well as iOS firmware.

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Workflow Inspired

It’s well-known that Apple recently purchased the work-flow Automator software Workflow, but, until now, we didn’t why. He suggests iOS 11 will come with features taken from it and incorporated into a newly OS updated workflow application. Called Automator, it will have deep iCloud and iOS 11 integration that allows for the use of an updated Siri.

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