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5 hidden tips of iPhone which will make your day

5 hidden tips of iPhone which will make your day
All most every iPhone users will agree to the fact that they are not well aware of all the features iPhone gives to make their day easy. Apple hides some of the great features in the settings which are not easy to figure out.

To get all the details and features of iPhone we iPhone users depend on the tips and tricks and taking that ahead, today in this article we are bringing you 5 hidden tips which will make your day.

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Make messaging more fun

Maybe you didn’t know this, but messages that are sent between Apple users on iMessage can be jazzed up quite a bit. You can add various animations and other cute stuff to them in order to brighten up a particularly dull day for a friend or loved one.

Draw in iMessage

iMessage also allows you to draw your message and send it just like that to a recipient of your choice (as long as they own an Apple device too).

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Search in the Photos app

Did you know that iOS 10 allows you to search for photos containing certain objects in the Photo app? Say you took a cool picture of a tree and now want to post it on Instagram, but it’s been a while and you can’t find it? Search ‘tree’ in your Photos app and it will most likely come up.

Find your car

Let’s face it, forgetting where we parked happened to all of us at least once. It’s not your fault, life can be pretty stressful. And with Apple Maps on your iOS 10 iPhone, you can find your car immediately because it automatically detects that you parked and marks the location on the map for you.

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Words become emojis

It’s true that sometimes an emoji is worth a thousand words. The Messages app on your iPhone allows you to switch any word up with the corresponding emoji immediately.

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