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6 hidden iOS tips which can change the way you use your iPhone and iPad

iOS 10
6 hidden iOS tips which can change the way you use your iPhone and iPad
All most all the supported iOS devices are running iOS 10 and there are some hidden features which are hidden from the normal usage but can help you to increase your experience with your iPad or iPhone.

So, before the launch of new iOS 11 you are looking to have more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the iOS 10 this is article is for you. We have aggregated 6 hidden tips of iOS 10 to make your life easier.

Lower the intensity of the torch app

If you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus with the 3D Touch feature, you'll now be able to alter the intensity of the flashlight app in the control panel with a gentle touch, choosing from either Low light, Medium light or Bright light. This will also be an option on the iPhone 7 once it ships.

Swipe left at the lockscreen for camera

In iOS 10, Apple has changed the way you unlock your phone. You now need to click the home button to wake the device in order to bring up the lockscreen passlock or Touch ID option.

Accessing the camera from the lockscreen is also no longer just a swipe up, as this now brings up the control center instead. However, the camera can still be accessed quickly if you swipe left.

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Customizing Contacts cards

Perhaps more of a boon for business users, Apple has revamped the Contact Cards feature in iOS 10, meaning there is now more ways to customize how you call or message different people.

For example, if you deep press on the Message button, you can opt for a preferred app to use to message this person, or choose the best iMessage phone number to call them on.

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iMessage effects

iMessage has undergone some significant changes in iOS 10, in what is probably Apple's attempt to sway people away from Whatsapp. There are new drawing tools and animation effects, but one feature that everyone doesn't know about yet is the ability to long press on the send button to access bubble effects.

Another lesser known feature is that you can also Tapback by double tapping on a message. This lets you react to a friend's message with a thumbs up, for example, to let them know you've seen their message without triggering a full-blown notification.

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Search in Photos

Thanks to the new updates in iOS 10, the software now analyses all your photos for certain contents using machine learning techniques so that you can search for objects, for example, a chair or some laptop and it will look through your photos for them, offering you some search results in the form of photos with these items in.

Split-screen web browsing

Many of the new features in iOS 10 are rolling out across the Apple ecosystem so aren't exclusive to the iPad. However, one exception is split-screen web browsing within Safari. Now you can simply drag a Safari web tab from the panel and down and into the corner of the screen to split the page in two and multi-task until your heart's content.

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