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Apple is going to launch a new iPhone at WWDC 2017?

iPhone SE
Apple is going to launch a new iPhone at WWDC 2017?
We are less than a month away from the Apple’s developer conference and new leak out of China claims the iPhone SE 2017 edition will be launched very soon, possibly during Apple's developer conference (WWDC 2017) in June. The leak apparently shows shells of 2017 iPhone SE, along with a sheet of materials being used, which suggest that Apple may use Ion-X glass, the same material used on the Apple Watch.

If you remember or if you are iPhone SE users, you will recollect, the Apple iPhone SE was announced as a product aimed at iPhone 5s users who preferred a compact 4-inch device. Now, GizmoChina, as posted an image, tipped to be the 2017 iPhone SE.

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The leaked image has an internal document accompanying the glass back panels also suggests that 'N79' will be the handset's model number. A closer look at the leaked image also indicates that the iPhone SE 2 will feature wireless charging capability like the highly-rumoured next-gen iPhones (including the flagship iPhone 8) that are expected to be launched later this year.

Other than this leaked image, nothing else is known about the iPhone SE 2017 at this point. We don't know about the rating on the camera hardware or the internal specs like the processor and RAM. The only thing we know for sure, what with this being an iPhone SE, is it probably won't be as powerful as the main flagship, likely using previous-gen technology to make it the "more affordable" iPhone.

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iPhone SE 2
iPhone SE 2
All though leaks can be true and Apple might be launch a new device “iPhone SE2” at WWDC 2017, but this leak should be taken with pinch of salt until the time we hear from the Apple on this. So, what you guys think is new iPhone SE is on its way? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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