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Apple shared some of the greatest tips for iPhone users

Apple shared some of the greatest tips for iPhone users
Everyone using an Apple iPhone knows how to use its camera; however, not everyone knows about all the camera’s features or tricks for how to make the best use of the iPhone 7 camera. 

The brand recently launched a new website that details the best ways to shoot a portrait, close-up, selfie with a timer, action shot, and a bunch of other information you didn’t know you needed but definitely do. 

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There are some more obvious sections you’ll probably skip like how to shoot without a flash and how to edit a selfie, but other tips could make your phone photography next-level. 

Below are the tips shared by Apple which can make you professional photographer, so let’s start the list. 

How to shoot a great portrait 

First off, switch from Photo to Portrait mode then look for depth effect. Once the desired effect is found, start shooting. 

How to shoot a close-up 

To get the perfect close-up, come as close as ten centimetres from the subject. Tap focus and slide to expose then shoot. 

How to shoot a vertical Pano 

Start off by putting the camera in landscape mode. Switch from Photo to Pano mode then pan slowly and steadily starting from the bottom. 

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How to shoot without a flash 

First, you need to find a light source. Once ready, turn the flash off and set the exposure by tapping on the subject. Shoot. 

How to shoot action 

Hold the shutter button to use Burst mode. Once taken, access your photos and then select your favourite photo. 

How to shoot a selfie with the timer 

To take a selfie using a timer, first switch to the front-facing camera. Steady your iPhone and set the timer. Once ready, tap the shutter button then go ahead and strike a pose. 

How to capture a unique angle 

Choose your subject and experiment on the angles by tilting your iPhone. You can also point the camera straight up or get down low. Shoot. 

How to shoot stills while filming 

The first step is to switch from Photo mode to Video mode. Start filming then tap the shutter button to shoot. 

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How to shoot with street light 

The lamp post on the street is a good source of light when taking pictures at night. First, turn the flash off then touch and hold to lock focus. Find the right exposure before taking the shot. 

How to shoot a bold and simple image 

Create contrast by looking for different colors. Once you've found the perfect spot, simplify the shot and find some symmetry. Experiment with exposure then shoot. 

How to shoot during golden hour 

To shoot during the golden hour, you and the subject must be out before sunset. Use the sun to the front-light subject then tap and slide to lower exposure. Shoot. 

How to shoot a one-handed selfie 

From the lock screen, swipe left to quickly open the camera. Switch to the front-facing camera then press either volume button to shoot. That's how you take a selfie using just one hand. 

How to edit a selfie 

Switch to front-facing camera and take a photo. Edit the photo by cropping it to create a better composition. Tap the auto-enhance tool then share. 

How to shoot a sunset silhouette 

Ask the subject to pose in front of the sun. Touch and hold to lock focus then slide to lower exposure. Take the shot. 

How to shoot a group portrait 

For a great group photo, switch to Portrait mode first then look for the boxes that appear on the faces of the subjects. Wait until they turn yellow then shoot. 

How to shoot a backlit subject 

First, turn the HDR on to get better highlights and shadows. Touch and hold to lock focus before sliding to lower exposure. Shoot.

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