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Five Secret things that you can do with your Smartphone fingerprint scanner

Five Secret things that you can do with your Smartphone fingerprint scanner 
One of the biggest feature smartphones got in a couple of years is the fingerprint scanner, as we all are aware this help us to secure our phone data, but there are many things that you can do with your smartphone fingerprint scanner.

In this article, today we are going to talk about the five hidden things that you can do with your Smartphone fingerprint scanner.

Lock down apps selectively

Normally, you should protect access to your device with a fingerprint, passcode or pattern. But in some cases, there are multiple people using one device.

In such a case, you may want to keep your Whatsapp, Photos, Calendar, Email Calendar, Email etc locked with a password while allowing access to other apps, games, YouTube and Google search.

AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock (by Cheetah Mobile) is free and contains no ads. You can selectively choose which apps to lock. Even settings like WiFi, Bluetooth use, app installs and phone calls can be locked.

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Authenticate Google Play purchases

Free apps can be downloaded easily but when it comes to paid apps, Google will prompt you for your password -- just to make that it's actually you making the purchase.

If no one else (read: no kids) handles your phone, you can make this step faster. Open Play Store and head to the Settings by tapping the three horizontal lines.

Check the box that says 'fingerprint authentication'. If you have a stored fingerprint on the device, you can just place your finger to complete the transaction.

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Your private journal

Remember those old diaries with physical locks on the side? Journey (free with in-app purchases; by Two App Studio) is the app equivalent, secured with a passcode and fingerprint.

You can make entries in your journal (up to 4 photos or 1 video per entry) and have them synced across your devices using the cloud (Journey is available for Android, Chrome desktop, cloud and on WindowsMAC).

It looks great because it adds a lot of digital flourishes to your entries: weather, geotags and social sharing options.

Showing selective photos from gallery

Don't you just hate it when you pass your phone to someone to show photo and they start swiping through all the images in your gallery? Caramel Apps, the makers of Solo Photo, feel your pain. You can select a bunch of photos (or just one) that you want to show and open them in Solo Photo.

This will be locked with your fingerprint. Then you can safely hand over you phone knowing that your friend will only be able to view the photos you have allowed. The basic version is free, ad-supported and allows you some functionality. To unlock all the features (including the ability to select multiple photos at once), it costs $1.99.

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Keep passwords secure

It is a good habit to have different passwords for different accounts and that you can have password vaults on your device to protect access to these passwords. The password vault acts as a secure place to store all your passwords, protected by a single, master password.

Well, if you use LastPass on Android, one of the leading password managers, you can also use your fingerprint as the master password as well as to enter passwords (autofill) on known sites.

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