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McAfee is Making the most secured Smartphone ever

secured Smartphone
McAfee is Making the most secured Smartphone ever
Our dependency has drastically increased on our Mobile in last 3-4 years and it's increasing with every passing day. From our bank account, details of our private and professional documents all are in our Smartphone now a day. With all the information in mobile security is most important factor for all the smartphone users.

This issue can be shortly resolved, John McAfee in an interview with Newsweek revealed a smartphone he called a “truly private smartphone”. McAfee showed off an Android phone called the McAfee Privacy Phone, which he said was the “most hack-proof phone” ever created.

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In the interview, the colorful software guru also revealed that the secure Android smartphone would be priced at $1,100 (roughly Rs 70,000). The smartphone was reportedly built in partnership with a cyber security firm called MGT.

The device will feature physical switches, ones that will give owners the freedom to physically disconnect the battery, antennas for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and geolocation. These switches would also let users disconnect the camera and the microphone so that you can be sure that your device is not tracking you in any way possible. The device will be able to identify and refuse to connect to any other IMSI-catcher device and will also feature a web search anonymizer.

While software is key to smartphone security. Hardware switches that physically disconnect components on a smartphone do sound like a cool idea.

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But at the end of the day, McAfee’s smartphone does run Android, this means it is going to be as vulnerable as any other device in the market today. But let’s wait and see how this one turns out as many have attempted to pull off a secure smartphone in the past, but have eventually failed to deliver a unicorn that will actually make it to the masses.

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