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One of the great features that are coming to your iPhone with iOS 11 revealed

iOS 11
One of the great features that are coming to your iPhone with iOS 11 revealed
We are about a month and a half away from the WWDC 2017, which will be held on June 5 to June 9, 2017, at the McEnery Convention Center, in San Jose, California. At the event, Apple is expected to launch the new version of iOS, iOS 11.

However, just when we thought we’d be waiting until June 5 for the knowledge bombs, a Reddit user has rocked up claiming the inside scoop on a number of new features.

The now-deleted post from user cyanhat (as reported by Redmond Pie) says iOS low-power mode is now going to be more intelligent with iOS 11; it will learn your habits for using low-power mode and will create a schedule to automatically put itself into low-power mode.

It will also be geographically adaptive, so if you want to be in low-power mode whenever away from your house, iOS will automatically make those changes for you.

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The poster says the “intelligent” mode will “study your low power mode habits (how often and when you turn it on) and adapt to that schedule. It will also be location and context based. For example, if you leave your home Wi-Fi network and have 20% or less, it will turn on low power mode automatically.”

Cyanhat also provides a little more detail about the proposed peer-to-peer payments through a revamped Wallet app.

The post said: “There will be a social feed, just like Venmo. The new Pay app will also have an iMessage extension that allows you to send cash via iMessage.”

As though the news seems to be interesting, but the source cannot be trusted much, so the news should be taken with pinch of salt.

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